Three Foxes



oh hey a hoodie for a limited time you say?


Who’s been asking for foxes? I kept hearing a buncha ruckus about foxes in the last two 1-color derbies. Well here ya go. Great looking shirt!


Wow. Just wow. Leafs me speechless.


I have to say, it’s actually a rather pleasant little design. It’s like a family crest, if autumn had a family crest.


very pretty


Yes, I believe that is how many foxes there are.


Is the Three Fox Tree shirt Woot’s answer to the famous Three Wolf Moon tee?


someone read the write up :tongue: good job!


Does it look like the one on the left is a little “off.” I think I see his/her tongue sticking out a bit.


Damnit Woot, a hoodie as well? Why don’t you just steal the money right out of my wallet?? >:O

Just in time for my camping convention, too!

Welllll, that would probably be me. I remarked during both, but I wasn’t alone in the first one! Someone else brought it up before I did.


Is that sizing chart right? 28 inches seems a bit small for a 3X tee/ 2X hoodie.


I’m with you there. There’s ALWAYS room for foxes in a derby! Always!

This one was an instabuy. Now I’m mad that CowboyDann pointed out the hoodie. I had to buy both, obviously. THERE CAN NEVER BE TOO MANY FOXES I TELL YOU.


waves hello to the other fox instigator from two derbies ago Yeah, $53 today has been swiped from my tightly-held clutches. The week they finally run a fox-themed special, I’m going to be going into debt, I swear! @_@;


i don’t get it.


I’m sorry.


Sometimes. Just sometimes… There’s nothing to get. It’s cute or artistic for the sake of being cute or artistic. :slight_smile:


What a great looking shirt/hoodie! Lovely work, Amelia.

(and hooray for Tobias ^_^)


This WOULD make a great hoodie! And imagine the look on people’s faces when you take off your hoodie and our T-shirt looks exactly the same! BUY BUY BUY!!!


Hoodie was a great idea. This design reeeeeeallllllly needs to be long sleeved though. Beautiful.