Three Jerks Filet Mignon Jerky

Three Jerks Filet Mignon Jerky

A dime bag of jerky

And it is good to know that my beef is gluten free. I hate thinking I am eating steak and it turns out to be a piece of bread.


Funny at first glance, but many jerkys have gluten from the flavorings and seasonings they use, not the meat. One needs to look at the product as a whole, from ingredients to processing facilities.

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Why does Woot list so much stuff that is readily available elsewhere for LESS MONEY? (In this case, for $28.00 directly from the company’s website…).

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Maybe I’m missing something…

To be fair, there’s a difference of $0.06, and you COULD save 10% by joining their mailing list (and then unsubscribing), but it’s still not a $28 difference.

Dude, don’t be Jerky. Deal is for 2x of each of the three items, not 1x. So a total of 6, not 3, items.

Personally I do appreciate being introduced to new generally high-quality gourmet foods at a moderate (though not always a “bargain”) price. In some cases I’ve had to jump in to defend a $10 little salami, which most agreed was worth it despite the cost. For “bargains,” there is always your local Grocery Outlet or Aldi or random local discount “dent shops,” as they used to call them.

Using filet mignon for jerky is a pretty dumb thing to do. When making jerky, it doesn’t matter if you’re using the cheapest cut or the most expensive cut, it’s all going to turn out the same. You generally want the leanest, cheapest piece of beef possible. Plus good jerky has a little chew. Jerky companies are a dime a dozen these days and their way of differentiating themselves is crap


Sorry, but this is a joke right? 12oz of Beef Jerky for $44? That’s $3.67/oz, which is more than the highest priced offering you can find on Amazon ($2.50/oz). That’s nearly $60 per pound…