Three-pack of ballls: What should I do with the spare?

Really didn’t need this third. What should be done with it?




magic eight ball

third eye


gravity well

A new friend for your pet hamster.

plug a hole in a dyke

Hang it from your rearview mirror


Hang it in your office next to a sign that says: “All that’s left of the last guy who pissed me off”

stress ball.

pilot light

“call the ball, Maverick”


paint a face on it and attach to your shoulder as your second head

paint a face on it and name it “wilson”

hacky sack

goatsesque stretching device

paint like gerbil and give to richard gere as a present.

too far?

No, I was actually trying to think of a way to work felching into something today.

uh…what you do behind closed doors is your business.

Take 2: Skektek already got it on the middle name thread

Skek has a much dirtier mind than I previously thought.

So much for rainbows throwing butterflies.