Three Piece Junior Drum Set

Your kid could be the next Little Ricky!


Yeah I expected much more bacon

Just download the drum app…

Mac compatible?


Pretty much 99.99 everywhere. Thanks for the one percent savings!

Might not be great at math, but if I go on for three, I’ll save 3% :slight_smile:

We’re translating comments, now? Right up there with 4chan, Woot.

M4C = Bacon Press. Makes sense.

I think she might be looking for a Iphone docking system…don’t know if they’ll have one during the wootoff though.

Would you like to be a rock star? Meet beautiful women, travel the world,drink fine wine. Well, you’re in luck. Buy the drum set, practice, get a band and like Willy Nelson says “lets you and me get rich”. Don’t hesitate. He who hesitates, is lost.

I clicked on “You Want One”. You’re in for 3. Good choice. Now let’s move on.

Bacon is not included in this deal, beware!

And it’s not to be used as pants.

Did I miss the Bacon? :frowning: