Three Rivers Washington Red Mini-Vertical Duo



Three Rivers Washington Red Mini-Vertical Duo
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is this really considered a legit vertical duo? The make ups of the two wines are different:

2002 Red Meritage (Columbia Valley)
* Blend:
o Cabernet Sauvignon – 54%
o Merlot – 38%
o Malbec – 8%

2003 Red Meritage (Columbia Valley)
* Blend:
o Cabernet Sauvignon – 53%
o Merlot – 38%
o Cabernet Franc – 4%
o Petit Verdot – 3%
o Malbec – 2%


Holy YUM does this stuff look good. Now the question is…2 or 3 pairs?


Good call for whoever guessed Three Rivers. Their website has lots of info.

Still, I was hoping to celebrate Riesling Week on wine.woot :frowning:



Ooh, this sounds so good, I might have to be in for 2. But I’ll wait and see what the winemaker has to say first.


a little info for those considering a purchase…

Gold Medal-West Coast Wine Competition 2007

Excellent-Wine Press Northwest, Spring 2007
“It’s a lighter style with currants, mocha, bell pepper and green peppercorn aromas with more currants and pie cherries on the palate. Youthful tannins don’t stop strawberries from showing on the finish.”

88-Wine Spectator
“Dense and chewy with eucalyptus overtones to the blackberry and green olive flavors, finishing with firm tannins. Best after 2009.”


Their site has the 03 listed for $39 … but the 02 is sold out. I wonder what the sold for?


And my moving fund from DC to Austin gets smaller…


thought they said it wasa a 90 on ws


It’s entirely up to you, but if you get three you save .42 per bottle thanks to fixed shipping costs. Not that I’m recommending three; I’m just sayin’ a deal is a deal… :wink:


Probably at least $39 but I bet more.

EDit: Two websites both list it for $34.99 (plus shipping).


I found a couple of places selling it for $34.99


Wine Spectator did not rate both a 90. The '02 got a 90 and the '03 an 86. Still very respectable. Release price was $39 per bottle. Their Walla Walla wines look good too. Wish WOOT would put some more Syrahs up.


Three Rivers Washington Red Mini-Vertical Duo
$54.99+ $5 shipping

Available (what’s this?)
1 Three Rivers2002 Red Meritage (Columbia Valley)
1 Three Rivers 2003 Red Meritage (Columbia Valley)
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Woah. killer offering but steep price. we shall see what fathers day brings. I yam hoping for a wine fridge. nto as agift, but as a sale. Divert to wine fridge thread.

but this looks delish. maybe a fathers day gift to myself? :smiley:
just had another baby girl on the 25th of may so perhaps this will be a good treat.


links pleaseee. is that per bottle? That makes this deal not too bad…better then some of the 1 and 2 dollar savings that wine woot sometimes brings :confused:


Crud. I was hoping this would make a great Fathers’ Day present, but AZ is off the list. Am I a completely lame daughter if I send it to myself, and then give it to him when he comes to visit in late summer?


Not if you take the time to write him a really long and honest note about what he means to you as a father and how his love has made you a better, stronger person. Then you can say in the note that you bought him a few special bottles of wine that you want to share with him when he visits, so you can toast him and thank him face to face, and still be an awesome daughter. But if you just send him an iou, yeah, that’s not c****ool.


Don’t worry, chica, I will keep it safe for you till after you move insert sinister smile here