Three sentence tale.


Bobby sat in his father’s chair, poring over the clue left behind. There was nothing redundant about it, strictly a single word in careful, readable type for him to peruse: apothecary. Bobby stared, scratched his head, worried, and bit his cuticles until at last: “d-r-u-g-s-t-o-r-e” filled the last spaces of the Times crossword.



An innovative online retail presence established user forums as an attempt to draw consumers to their site. A small group of socially dysfunctional people began spending every waking hour typing mindless drivel in scores of unrelated threads, abandoning all contact with others not likewise engaged. Sad, isn’t it?



lol. so funny. HA!


Stephen stealthily crept behind his father’s chair, reached underneath, and pulled out the half-eaten fruit. Brushing the dust off, he took a tiny bite, just as he had done every few days for the past month. He knew, if he could just finish this fabulous fruit, that he would gain wisdom beyond measure!


At least I spoke to the mailman … or maybe I just stared at him


Are we supposed to compose self-contained three-sentence stories, or are we supposed to continue the narrative you started with three sentences per post?


My intent is that each story has three sentences.

I love the Stephen story.


The newly married couple returned from honeymoon and the new wife retired her husband’s old toothbrush that he’d forgotten to pack as he had bought a new one on the trip. She used this old toothbrush to dutifully clean the teeth of their two newly adopted adorable dogs, Fred & Ethel; however, this retired toothbrush kept mysteriously reappearing in the toothbrush holder. The curious wife asked her husband about this only to find out he was still using it and when he asked why she wanted to know, she replied “oh, no reason” and quickly left the room.

EDIT: True story


Mailman? Oh, you mean the guy who sometimes brings the woot boxes! I know him!


I came!
I saw!
The board fell into two pieces!!!