Three Wine Men Chardonnay (6)

Three Wine Men 2012 Chardonnay 6-Pack
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2012 Three Wine Men Chardonnay, California
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Per the specs: RS: 7.1 g/L, and the winery’s tasting note includes “dusted with powdered sugar”. Sounds like a sweet wine. A sweet Chardonnay? Really?

I love Chardonnay and wait patiently for it to be on winewoot. Was hoping to click on comments and find a lot of positive reviews.


HERE is a previous offer for an earlier vintage with plenty of discussion. Hope it helps…

So… everyone’s palate is different, but with the RS and the TA listed here I’m guessing this wine won’t come off as sweet to me. Maybe the butter and vanilla notes might push it that way a little, but the numbers certainly don’t scare me, and from my TWM purchases in the past I trust this winery. I haven’t had the Chard, but both the Merlot and Cab Sauv I bought as daily drinkers based on the price point, and yet every time I pulled them out I was genuinely surprised! It was like the goldfish discovering the little plastic castle each day. Hoping to have the same with this offer. In for two.