I like the frogs, Sorry but I won’t be getting the shirt.


Oh man I hope this looks good when I get it cause it looks sick now!


Wow. Cool shirt! Really like this one.


Was waiting on this one.
(Expands his woot shirt collection)


such an awesome design! grats to the winnar


what, is this the new Kaiser Permanente employee shirt?


I don’t see how that wallet shirt beat this one… This is awesome


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race
Bah! Missed this shirt? To buy it, click here!


I held out until midnight for this shirt even though I have to be up and headed to work at 5 AM. I just couldn’t believe it didn’t get first place.


YES YES YES!!! more like this…no more stupid joke ones


anyone know just how bright this color is?


Yes, it’s the same as this AA Grass shirt:

Adding at 1:44am: Well, I held out nearly 1.75 hours, but finally had to buy one. I really do like the way it looks. The colors and the placement are very appealing.

Congrats on the printing. :slight_smile:


Very nice. Haven’t wooted in a while, but I’m in for one.


Nice design. In for one!


Congrats- really neat design that will definitely look great on a shirt


Grats on the print, thedansterwashere. Not quite my style so I’ll have to pass. But great job.


I thought Woot was kind of known for ugly or joke shirts. Sorry don’t mean to say that to anyone who made one like that. Its just that this one is so different from whats usually up there. I would bu y it but I can’t buy stuff on the net coz my mom works as a internet security consultant and we are not allowed. I really like this shirt tho that frog n lizard is awesum.


Interesting. I like lizards and frogs, and this one incorporates them into a bit of abstract doodling. Don’t like this particular color, but what else would you use when you are showing off a frog, I guess - maybe a dark brown? I’m in for one.


GAhhhhhh! Great design! I see so many things in there. In for two.

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