Through My Veins

Is this what vegetarians look like on the inside?

Oh wow.

Is he sprouting poison ivy?

Don’t be a sap.

I thought plants had vascular bundles, not veins.

I tree what you did there.

Looks like the circulatory system of Harold from the Fallout series.

It just needs Christmas lights now.

Ah, a shirt that helps woot get back to its more artistic roots–so to speak.

His cardiologist needs to call roto-rooter!

what’s in the middle of the heart? i can’t get a close enough look

Hey it’s the Three-eyed Crow! Everyone who gets this reference is awesome.

One of the best shirt designs I have seen on Woot in awhile. Nicely Done

Gorgeous and different. In for one.

Lovely- more like this please… :smiley:

Hi Guys! Thanks so much for the kind words, I’m really happy that you enjoy my work! Thanks sooooo much! Hugs :3

This appeals to the botanist in me.

Looks painful, but I think he’s doing vine.

Nice! But where’s the weirwood throne?