Through The Cuckoo's Nest

So many wonderful details, but the Cheshire Cat is the best.

Love the design.

Can’t stand another of this color shirt though because my closet is full of them. Why are all the designs I like on this color?

Usually I get a bit tired of the Wonderland shirts that pop up, but I really love the intricate details on this clockwork Alice in Wonderland tribute.

Nicely done and deserved win.

Gray is great for designs like this that are black and white but even for color rich designs gray adds a background without fighting or adding to the colors used. Sometimes the gray blank highlights bright neon colors by making them pop out due to the contrast of muted tones to vibrant hues…

Hopefully that makes sense and isn’t just a bunch of garbled art school words that I threw at the comment box.

Very charming design!

Thanks for putting it in words. I figured there was probably a reason for it.

This makes for a happy shirt. My favorite is the tea pot.

I’m forced to buy yet another Alice shirt! Ack!

The cheshire cat will love this shirt. When he gets tired of saying “we’re all mad here,” he can now say, “we’re all cuckoo here…that’s why we’ve come here.” (same goes for some of us who post here…)

Love, love, love this shirt! Just need woot to start making clocks now…

LoL. I feel that exact way but about green. All my faves are on green shirts!

Magnificent design, congrats on your first derby win malo!

So awesome! I love this one!

Great design! Congrats on your first derby win. :slight_smile:

This is amazing Malo- Really excited to see all your rad designs this past month! Hope you stick around! :smiley:

But where are the Tweedles?
Seriously though, great design.

Love this shirt, just wish it came in hoodies too, cause the girl shirt sizes suck.

This design reminds me a LOT of Alice: The Madness Returns game I have on Steam. LOVED that game, and love this shirt, too! <3


I banned myself from buying another shirt. But this is such an awesome design! Ban lifted!