Through the Trees

Not really my thing, and I’m sure there are scads people have on their short list that woot should print, but this one feels like a good first day of EC week.

I’m thinking this is the visualization of the saying “too far in the forest to see the trees”.

what’s next? a dreamcatcher?

AWESOME! An editors choice edition! I SHALL OBEY THE ALL MIGHTY WOOT!

You really have to see the shirt for the threads.

Must have been one trippy bird.

Shirts like this prove why there should be an editors choice after every derby… at least one.

I love this design. I’m glad it got a second chance because it deserved the print the first time around.

Not the forest-related BSWeber design I had my fingers crossed for, but I’m not complaining.

This is a lovely shirt, with a really creative sense of perspective.

I’m such a fan of designs that seem to “extend inward” beyond the shirt itself, and this is a great example of that.

All I see is a feather or a quill pen. This is intended right?

Is there something significant about this shirt beyond being a cool design? The write up has me thinking I’m missing something.

edit: oh, someone said it’s a feather. And there it is. Nifty.

I was just thinking that the other day, that every derby should have an editor’s choice. at least one.

congrats to you bsweber! looks like your first print I think!

I can’t see it.

Me too.

Great editor’s choice pick!

Very nice! Glad I got a chance to get this one!

But First Sucker has a much wootier feel to it than a boring first place! Congratulations on your lucrative string o’ suckers!

Great EC pick! You’re already off to a better start than the last round of editor’s choices.