Thruster 700c Fixie Men's Bike

Thruster 700c Fixie Men’s Bike
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Front and Read brakes?

Yup, front and read brakes. Fixed, thanks!

It’s pretty amazing how many of these Walmart Thrusters I see on the streets. I guess the steel frame isn’t half bad, I supposed.

Shipped assembled?

  • The Thruster 700c Fixie Men’s Bike is not only stylish, but also very practical. Most fixie bikes are available with a flip hop hub that enables the rider to choose whether the bike is set up as a fixed gear or as a single speed with the ability to coast freely. This bike is set up as a single speed bike. *

Does the bike come with a flip-flop hub? I want to make sure it at least has a fixed gear on one side before getting one.

The Wallymart Q&A says it does come with a flip/flop hub, it is just set up on the freewheel side as put together in the box…you can switch it over to the fixie side if wanted. I think…I need one of these in my stable :smiley:

I am even more confused by this one more description it gives in the bullets: Fixed gear

So the real question is…does single speed bike mean fixed gear (because both descriptions are used)? If so, then will this bike coast freely?

The way flip/flop hubs work is: on one side of the rear wheel is the freewheel, if you put the cog and chain on that side you can coast while not having the pedals move. If you take the whole rear wheel out, flip it over and put the cog and chain on the other side, you have a ‘fixie’ and the chain/pedals keep moving whenever the rear wheel is turning. So out of the box this one is said to be set up on the freewheel side but you can change it to the fixie side if you want.

I have to stop taking Acid I’m seeing to many colors

These things are really popular with the kids lately. But they get off on the idea of no freewheel and no brakes. Personally, I would rather have those conveniences, instead of a cycle like they made 100 years ago. But then again, I used to like driving a stick shift, and now I have an automatic. . . .

It’s a city bike or a trick bike or a party bike. It’s not something you would want to ride to work every day.

There is only one size for this?

The guy in this video has no clue what he’s talking about.

Woot, what size is this frame? If it’s listed, I’m missing it . . .

What’s the deal with bikes not having front and rear mud guards on the wheels?
Most bikes have them outside US.

Listed on the “spec” tab

Dimensions: 70" L x 25" W x 45" H
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.