Thugbot Pseudopub #1: The fake thread for real names

Are you unsure whether you are the real you, or just a fake ID? I know I am. Here is your place to pretend to be someone you’re not, or pretend you are the fake ID and that you have a real ID beneath the fake-fake ID that you are hiding. Confused?

uh huh, 'splain agin perty pleeze :slight_smile:

certianly not i think i 'm who i thought i was once


maybe–i thunk i was me----- once

I need to know!!!

You joined in 2004 and you only started posting now???

You know if you get to 100 post, you are hooked.
At one thousand post, you are addicted.

What made you unlurk? Or rediscover the site?

Ms. Moderator lady-- are you confounded about what your real identity is? Are you really yourself, the fake id of a real person, the real id of a fake person, the fake id of a fake person, pretending to be a real person under the guise of a fake real person? fake real real fake fake fake real?

Or are you just trying to ruin my thread?

i need to know??? will i still be me when i wake up tommorow

I know who I am, most of the time.
I should know who is who, but I’m behind on figuring that out.
This is ebw, every thread gets ruined, but if you want, I can clean it up for you.
I just came down to check the woot.
I was trying to find whatsthis in a talking thread to ask…but I just as easily could have ruined one of the word threads.

Well, now that I have done my damage for the night, just say if you want me to make all of this go away and I will by tomorrow afternoon.

Drug induced confusion is accepted, but not encouraged.

Even though you think you are you, it can be difficult to be sure. I know that I am something sometimes, but others I get whacked in the head and forget. Damn vista.

did not respond to my post and hates vista…hmmm? me thinks i know who you are :slight_smile:

I got nothing this week for the derby.

I apologize, I will 'splain it again. If you are confused about whether you are real or fake, or you want other robots or people to be confused about whether you are real or fake, or you want them to think you are real when you fake, or if you want them to think you are fake, when in fact you are real, or if you are confused about what this thread is for, or if you want to ask people things and you can’t talk in other threads because they have rules set by people you don’t want to offend, or if you are offended that people posted things in your thread that don’t belong there, of if you would like to create replies that in no way quote the original content of someone else, of if you just feel like it, please post here.

I’m notreallyme. I think. Maybe I’m not.

No, I guess I am. Here’s what it says in the upper right corner of my screen:

You are notreallyme.

That’s right. Vista. You remember that.

cough, cough…puff, puff, pass

Hey, sister, pass that over here…