ThunderBell Pro Package by Teeter



As worthless (if not more) than the shake weight


At least the shake weight has entertainment value :wink:


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HOW MUCH DOES IT WEIGH? I must know these details.

oh, the internet says 10 lbs.


Hmmm… Does it really work review.


I found this on the trainer:
Get motivation and instruction by Jeremy Levine, top athlete fitness trainer and developer of the U.S. Navy SEALs Human Performance Program. Jeremy’s decade-plus research and development, among the most elite fighting forces and athletes from around the world, is the foundation of the ThunderBell Training Program.


If buying one of these things motivates some one to go from zero exercise to doing some sort of exercise, then go for it. Only $10 less than Amazon and looks like just another motivational workout program of which there are thousands to choose from, so choose wisely.


Brief peripheral vision excitement quickly fades as I discover It’s not a sleeker, faster Clocky.


This product is good if you wanted to save space by not buying kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells and medicine balls because it is all of those combined but it doesn’t allow you to increase in weights, just reps which means over time you will be toning not gaining size. If you are going for shaping and toning this could be good for you otherwise stick to the gym or buy the different weights.


Every time I see a product like this that has a beefed up model on the advertising I remember the time I was buying boxer briefs at walmart. The ‘name brand’ briefs had a picture of a big muscular model guy wearing the briefs on the packaging, the cheap Walmart brand had a guy with a small ‘love handle’ as their model (I’m not kidding). I went with the cheap Walmart brand!


I always hoped one day the company would tread among the elite products usually only reserved for 3am infomercials.


LOL I just checked the website of the actual product it sells for only $50 so where is the deal at?

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It’s actually 2 payments of $50 on the official website PLUS $15 for shipping. So this is half off plus a third of the shipping.


Actually, I shop the same way, store brands are usually just fine. :slight_smile:


When I saw that word “epic” I thought, man that word is overused…but I did lol.



Maybe technology has advanced but when I was a SEAL which was back more years than I care to admit I promise you we did not use anything even close to resembling this. I did not buy one of these so if some one would please tell me if this actually works. I have a shake weight and I don’t get any better results than good old fashion dumbbells. At least with the shake weight you get resistance in both directions with this I just don’t see it…


Some one who really sees it for what it is!!! WORTHLESS…


It only weighs 10 lbs folks. You’re much better off using a good body weight training program or a kettlebell program. I have a 106 lb kettlebell. Swing that and then tell me the ThunderBell isn’t a joke.

I went to their website and some of the routine doesn’t look bad, the only problem is the ThunderBell isn’t adding much.