ThunderBell Pro Package by Teeter

Dear Wooters, think about the future. The more of these pieces of junk you buy now, the less likely they are to pollute future Woot Offs.

And you bought how many…??? :slight_smile:

Looks like a glorified dumbbell, but I have no problem with the male model :slight_smile:

is this item so bad that the staff has to promote it in the discussion?

price point too high, even with free shipping

Any one know how heavy this thing is?

10 Lbs

this is junk

If it came with a bacon bra and panties I would be in!

FLYING off the shelves…

It’s always sensible advice. :slight_smile:

More like rolling nowhere…

…and hitting the ground with a large springy thud

Too bad he doesn’t come with the apparatus to enhance the workout.

Mine arrived late last week. If you work out regularly, this is a good complement to other work outs. Adding weight to your routines will strengthen your core & give you a good workout all around. Some of the P90x2 routines now incorporate weights into plyometrics, but when I use standard dumbbells I feel like they might slip out of my hands.

I do wish it weighed a bit more, but even 10 lbs gives a good work out.

I bought this about two weeks ago when it was the sport.woot of the day. I’ve been doing the workouts since, and holy cow do they burn me out. Really you’re paying for the workout DVDs here, the combination kettlebell-dumbbell-medicine ball monstrosity they’re calling the ThunderBell is just a 10-lb weight made as convenient as possible to hold on to. 10 pounds doesn’t seem like a lot but when you’re slinging it around for a half hour it gets tiring fast.

The DVDs are done pretty well. The instructor isn’t bad to follow and they do a good job of introducing how to do each of the movements. Following the DVD keeps your pace up… it’s faster than I’d be moving if I were weight training alone.

It’s not revolutionary but it’s leaps and bounds better for you than sitting around eating corndogs.