ThunderBell Pro Package by Teeter

Back so soon?

Seriously?!?! Again?!?! Are you kidding me? Might as well go to bed now because this thing will be up here the rest of the night.

This again? It confused me last time, and annoys me this time.

Bummer, this will be here until tomorrow morning. Time for bed. I guess the folks at woot were done for the night and tired of updating the sport woot off

Sport wooters, you can have the rest of the night off, and I’ll resume my regularly scheduled programming.

C’mon Shake Weight!

I’ve heard decent things about the ThunderBell. In for one to help move the Woot-off along… still at 98%. Did my best.

Anybody know the weight of one of these?

Their website says 10 pounds.

Come on…Woot, move on! No fair doing it a second time. Hmph!

Woot shuld diversify and get some stuff that people actually use at the gym. If they offered a BOSU I’d be all over that.

You spent $50 on a piece of dook to move the woot-off along? I want your job.

One hour down, 96% left to go…

This will look great on the floor of my closet.

What the heck is this thing? And how does it work?

It’s like woot knew I wanted to take advantage of my unlocked free shipping and decided to lock up the site

Okay… I get it. This is a ten pound thing that you can grip in various ways and swing around or lift up and down or put on the floor and jump over several times.

I’m a traditionalist; I prefer training with Indian clubs or bowling pins.

Two hours and 94% to go…

At an average rate of 3% every hour, this woot should sellout about 6am Thursday morning so set the clocks on your coffee makers

Dang it, I wish I didn’t take a break. I’m the perfect sucker for these kind of things, and I know what happened last woot when the comments were of suspicious positive reviews (not many reviews at all in general on the net, and people suspicious of the company posting info–they seem less skeptical on wine.woot, but maybe for good reason).
This is the best I can do.
Previous woot:

The question if you trust these reviews:

(edit: brmbill saw this last time ,I forgot).
and the parent website noting a quick blurb by Shape magazine (again depending on whether you trust this):

With the free shipping ending for me in less than an hour, my coupon code, me getting further behind at work, and can’t afford to waste more time… And since I’m the perfect sucker customer for this (not exercising, knowing one needs to, hates the gym, don’t have a lot of space, looking to get fit and not buff, way too little time it seems), I might buy this when I end this message “for the team”. At least I hope this moves the bar closer to 90% if I do. Good night.