ThunderBell Training Programs

rarely do i throw around the word retarded. But… yeah… wow… RETARDED

10 lbs? That guy didn’t get his muscles from this, that’s for sure!

Bought the 15 lb ThunderBell the last time it was available. Did the whole 90 day recommended routine.
Gotta say… this is a killer workout. I am in pretty good shape overall, but this “contraption” has you swinging it around like an angry possum. Great way to get cardio and toning in, like a cross between a dumbbell and kettleball. HOWEVER - just a heads up - the trainer in the video is a complete DBag. My wife and I couldn’t stand his arrogance. The other models in the video look like they are laughing at his idiocy and inability to pull off the proper moves.

Few questions on this, any input from either the seller or the people who’ve used it would be welcome:

1.) How much room do you need to complete the workouts? I have a some what small apartment, just don’t want to get it only to find out you need a 10’x10’ room with no furniture. (exaggerating, but you get my point.)

2.) Do you need/would one particularly want any other equipment with it? For example, the video shows all these folks with workout mats on the floor next to them.

3.) Is this the type of thing where you can still do it if you have certain bad joints, or am I going to find half the stuff breaks my bad knee?

This is super helpful feedback. I find with these workout programs if I can’t stand the instructor I am less likely to stay consistent.