Thunp Bluetooth, Headphones: 2 Colors

Glad I continued to read…water proof being in the name implies I can submerge these. They are only water resistant. Try not to falsely imply things?

How do you charge the headphones - Says charger is included - is it small enough for traveling? Usb or ac outlet?


We will be updating the wording to be water-resistant so it matches the description. They can can withstand rain and sweat.

As far as charging, they charge via USB and it is small enough to travel with.

For 19 bucks, this is a hard deal to beat. I just received mine and I’m enjoying them. They do get a little uncomfortable after an extended period but not too bad. Sound quality is good. Highs are good but the lows could be better. I can’t speak on the battery life yet. Call quality is also good. This mic seems to be better located than a standard around the neck headset. Unless you have a very small neck, these can’t be worn in idle. However they are small and flexible enough that you can toss it in your pocket. Overall I’m satisfied with these. Again, for 19 bucks, is a pretty good buy. Full retail, probably not.

Why do they say “NFC” on the side? Near Field Communications? for what?

NFC allows for instant pairing. Bluetooth requires some manual intervention

I just got mine. So far so good. Sound is great and it’s quite comfortable. I just can’t figure out how to pair using NFC.

It’s advertised with an NFC symbol on it, but when mine arrived there was no symbol. Can anyone help?

You can use them to pay train fare

Mine came as the SH03D Stereo Bluetooth Headset. I think there is some misinformation on the website.

I’m sorry you received the wrong item. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.