Thunp Bluetooth, Headphones: 2 Colors

So, what is the story morning glory?

I am a little suspicious of such a price drop.

Suspiciously missing/lack of… comments/reviews section too!!!

Don’t do it! These are the stupidest headphones ever. The wire is so short they barely fit around your head and is very stiff. The earpieces are so big you look like Princess Leia! While my family laughed when I put some on I cried because I was stuck with three. At least I have white elephant gifts.

I actually found them to be quite lovely. I snagged a pair off of here last time they were for sale about a year ago, and they have been going strong ever since. In terms of fit, I suppose if you have a larger/wider head, they may be slightly small, but they work well for me. In fact, I have found these to be much more comfortable/practical than the Bluetooth headphones that leave a long loop of cord to hang by your chest or behind your neck, to bounce around and be annoying. These just rest the semi-rigid connecting wire behind your head, and stay in place despite vigorous movements (in my case, intense dancing). The lack of dangling cord means no accidental catching it with your hand and yanking them out (HUGE bonus). I also don’t think they look particularly odd when worn. At least not anymore than the standard one-ear headsets. Having long hair, as I do, covers them completely. I’ve also used them for phone calls many a time, and have been told the audio quality is stellar, whereas nearly every other pair I’ve used have left me forced to give up and hold the phone to my ear. When I need to make a call hands free, or whip around dancing, these are my go-to set. And of course, they’re great for just walking around and listening to a podcast or jamming out. I actually just ordered a couple more after finally seeing them resurface again. Couldn’t be happier.

I kinda want these… but I’m still frustrated that woot makes me choose between getting free Prime shipping and using my Paypal account to pay for the order. Apparently, I can’t do both. Responses from customer service to my emails have been really abstruse. I may have to just stop looking at woot every day - not worth the aggravation.

Abstruse? Wow, who would think that my word of the day would come from a Woot comment? Ironically, your use of the word abstruse made your comment somewhat difficult to understand. :slight_smile:

The product for Electronics changed overnight. Did I miss the memo?

Do these have a ridiculous flashing light to show they are connected? That always pisses me off - I’m more into stealth!

I see what you did there. LOL

They changed the product. Not a woot off either. The first offer was for a set that looked very similar to Apple’s air pods. I went off line and when I came back 15 minutes later to purchase the old switch a roo. You snooze you lose.

Hey Woot! - Wanna honor the deal first offered? I’d like three please.

It sold out. Like a ton bought. Except for in Montana & Wyoming for some reason.

Funny you say that, the first one was bought by user vibratingsheep. I pictured those Bighorn sheep of Montana wearing these.

Save your money and buy Ankers for same price

Can we please discuss the fact that these are “Thunp” headphones? The name is suspiciously similar to “Thump” headphones. That reminds me, I need to pick up some melk on the way home. I mean what kind of off-brand garbage is this?

Reviews at

Perhaps they meant “obtuse”? Or maybe that’s me…

So please explain why another product was offered once the first sold out when it wasn’t a Woot-off? Is Woot changing their own rules behind their customer’s backs?

Not behind their backs - right in front of you. There’s rarely a “sold-out” item here anymore. This isn’t the Woot! of yore. Nowadays, they can change the item if they sell out and sometimes if none are selling it seems. Not that this is a bad thing, but this is not the Woot! you may have known. If you want something like that, go to