Ticket Easter Hot Chocolate

Ticket Easter Hot Chocolate

Amazon sold a six pack of the PopBar brand hot chocolate on a stick for $9.99 but it is currently unavailable. Probably have to wait until next winter before it is back in stock. Other option is to put a Lindt dark chocolate bar in your cup of hot milk and stir until melted.

Oh man…You said Whiskey STICK…oops, my bad. n/m

Over $4 a cup for hot chocolate you have to supply the hot milk and make yourself? I guess I am not enough of a hot chocolate aficionado.

I almost bought this - luckily an error came up saying I’m not old enough to buy this. This gave me enough time to come to my senses…

Hmmmmm. I thought we got rid of that. Just set your birthday via the link and all is good.

Buy ALL the hot chocolate.

I can’t buy it either. Didn’t know you had to be of age to buy chocolate.