Tide PODS Laundry Detergent, 81 Pods


Great with szechuan sauce.

Does it only come in snack size?

Dont Eat It

What kind of wine do these go with?

Shouldn’t this be on Gourmet.Woot?

Or at least there should be a large disclaimer…

Edit: Just noticed the label on the container.

Shouldn’t this be in the Gourmet Woot off?

Do these taste any good?

yummmmmmmmm lmao

Shouldn’t this be on gourmet.woot?

Could I get a measurement of the pods and flavor, please?

hahahaha yessssss

Are these the new ones with the easy swallow coating?

There’s a challenge for this already…be a trailblazer.

I’d recommend the Cascade pods, they have a better flavor.

From 57% sold to Sold Out in less than 30 seconds. How many were they selling, 11?

Missed it :frowning: This could have fed me for a month.

This made me chuckle. LOL

The timing can’t be more impeccable.