Tie-Dyed Too



*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race


BUY Oh Crud

BUY Spring Rebirth**


What the… ANOTHER TIE? :stuck_out_tongue: Congrats to both!


2 ties in 1 week awesome!


Wow, 4 shirts this weekend for $20.00, aren’t I lucky?

And first sucker twice!

**Current numbers (updated each minute):
First sucker: auggie24
Speed to first woot: 0m 12.907s

Last wooter to woot: calatrava


Thank you woot! Knew it might come up - got it right away. Congrats cho and wtg beefcoat. I’m so happy for you! Love it! Woot rocks my world!


I am glad I got to buy the two shirts yesterday. I wouldn’t wear any of today’s shirts anyway…


What these ones are way better than the second place ones in my opinion


Sure, I wanted yesterday’s, but arrived a few minutes after the sell-out.
Now, they have 2 designs I don’t like, but I could buy them if I did.


Thanks Woot! The only way this would have been better was if was Rebirth and Unicorn had tied.

Edit: Anyone from last night looking to trade their ML Unicorn for a ML Oh Crud?


LOVED both of these :slight_smile: Thanks Woot! Made my night… but i’m still upset that it is going to be 3 o’clock in an hour =(


So I’m not a big fan of these two shirts…yet I bought them because it was 10 dollar for two…I’m a sucker. woot.


SWEET! YES! YES! YES! This is just two awesome!


This was so worth waiting up for another 10 min. Thanks woot!


that bird on is ugly, the dinosaur one is ok, yesterdays were much better. maybe these will last more then 10 minutes


Nice, once again I love both shirts, the dragon a bit more than the other, but the other might look nice with a dress shirt. Thank you very much to the people who made this happen.


Not particularly a fan of either, but… I’m under the feeling that Woot just felt like giving us some extra tees and that the probability of 2nd and 3rd, 4th and 5th tying in the same derby is just… astronomical, probably.


Haven’t bought a shirt in weeks and now I’ve gotten four in two days! Well done to the winners.


And some felt that way yesterday so all is good.


Just think, you’re almost done shopping for a spring wardrobe! :wink:

Wish I could’ve gotten yesterdays “green” shirt…alas, I’m sure this set will be gone before I even attempt to hit Buy