*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race


BUY Death On A Pale White UNICORN!

BUY Grow**

Grats mwm8180 & Jimiyo for the wins!!! Awesome dead heat guys!

wait…so two shirts for 10 bucks?

If only I liked…either one of them.

Woohoo! Double Down! And first wooter to boot. I’m surprised to see the unicorn got that far up at the end. Nifty!

been a long time since we get two

Never thought I’d own grow, but I love the unicron =D (transformers, ftw)

It appears so :o

edit: successfully wooted! Two for ten bucks, couldn’t resist. The brown one is kinda trippy.

awesome!!! in for two

i like the black shirt… brown, not so much. but two shirts for $10 is a good deal…

I believe I just bought 2 shirts for $10

whoa! is this a first-time in derby history?

'grats to both the designers!!!

wow. derbies should tie more often.

normally i’d be all over a twofer… but these two are gonna cause me to pass

yay i got the death shirt. and an extra for a gifty (I think my mum would like it). Sweet! Thank you woot.

Second tie ever! I like grow but… ugh that unicorn is so tacky on a shirt… awesome drawing though, I just don’t see myself wearing that. Might be in for one though… since it’s still two shirts :smiley:

im really unhappy that i have to get grow, but ill give it away.
grats to both of you.

So there, all you grow haterz!!!

And Cho gets 2 printings.

Man, I cannot wait to buy Jimi’s shirt tomorrow when it’s not packaged with grow.

Congrats on the tie, sir.