Tier 1 Air Filters

Does anyone have any experience with these? i just purchased a pair of Filtrete Micro Allergen 3M from walmart and wonder how these compare. The ones I purchased do not have a MERV rating (like the ones I’ve seen from home depot) but have a particle rating of 1000.

I dont understand why orange big box store has 3M filters with a MERV rating but the other big box store across the street has a particle rating instead on what appear to be the same filter.

Not worth it. You can get MERV 8 filters in a 12-pack from Amazon for $36 shipped.

The Merv 11 Air filters are comparable to the Filtrete Micro Allergen filters.

Filtrete does not encourage the comparison to the Merv Rating system, because they rate their filters differently.

don’t bother cheaper prices elsewhere… sears website 39 bucks and the exact same picture on airfiltersdelivered.com is 36 bucks ( http://www.airfiltersdelivered.com/air-filters/1inch/14x25x1/14-x-25-x-1-merv-11-pleated-air-filter.html ). where have all the good deals gone woot??

Way overpriced. Can get 12 pack Merv-11 on Amazon for less.

Some day, Woot … some day you’ll also offer the 16 x 20 x 5 that I need. Every time these filters come up for sale, I look, hoping against hope that there’s something with a “x 5”, or even a “x 4” at the end of its name. Alas, I am forced to trudge on and order them from the mothership, instead.

These are MERV 11