Tier 1 Refrigerator Water Filters

They never seem to have the one I need for my Kenmore.

Anyone buy one of these GE filters before and how did it work?

The actual Frigidaire WF1CB brand filter is $9.16 with free Prime shipping on Amazon versus $7.99 for the knockoff plus $5.00 shipping on Woot!

The issue with these filters, at least the one that fit Samsung is that they don’t come close to removing substances from the water… A Samsung filter uses a concentrated carbon filter and is NSF/ANSI standard 42 and 52… Tier 1 is only 42… Yes they are cheaper, but your getting what you paid for…

Bought these a short while back. With my Samsung fridge water taste is definitely different, worst with this filter than with the more expensive ones I have used.

Why on earth would you risk breaking your fridge, or losing your warranty over a measly $20 price difference?

went to the site but confusing and could not find the Tier1 equivalent for my Whirlpool filter #W10413645A

Well, in my case, I don’t really care about filtering the water. I normally just drink from the tap, so I really hate to spend $30+ (samsung) for something that just allows me to get a decent flow from the fridge dispenser when I want cold water. I’ll take the chance and know that I have $20 extra to buy something from kids.woot for the little ones.

Heck, since these don’t filter as much, I can probably use them even longer because I bet the flow doesn’t get restricted as quickly. If that’s the case, I might have just saved $40 per filter.

they don’t have a filter bypass like GE?

Bought a couple of these a month or so ago. My water isn’t bad anyway, but they must not filter much. The flow is about triple of what I was used to with the whirlpool ‘real’ filters. If you just want to eliminate chunks (hopefully) and decrease your ice tray and cup filling time, these are great. If you need a real filter, I’d get a different one.

Hello fellow wooters! I’ll keep it short and sweet.

STAY AWAY FROM THESE CHEAP KNOCKOFF FILTERS. I made the mistake the last time these were on sale here and bought two and they BOTH leaked in my refrigerator. I saw that some other people had the same issue but chalked it up to them maybe installing it wrong. I bought the RWF 1052 LT700P models and leaked at where the top and bottom pieces are connected.

^ This ^

My Samsung definitely came with a bypass.

Yep, just submitted for a refund because of this. Installed it on Friday, by Sunday night I noticed water on my floor. Followed the ice trail up to the filter. Spent the next hour pulling everything out of my fridge, wiping off the water/breaking off the ice and then soaking up the water from all the shelves and compartments. Not how I wanted to spend my Sunday evening. Went out and bought a Samsung replacement last night, checked for leaks this morning and found none.

After tax and shipping I saved like $5.00 over the genuine replacement filter. Lesson learned.

Update: Woot just processed the return for me. Quick and excellent customer service!

I just bought THREE (3) of these filters for my Whirlpool refrigerator. I had the EXACT same problem! I’m guessing that saying “Penny wise, pound foolish” is correct.