Tier 1 Refrigerator Water Filters

Worst filters on the planet. I don’t even think they filter at all. I bought three of these thinking they were a bargain. The water that comes out of my fridge still smells of chlorine. The GE brand filter never had the water come out smelling this way. Save your money, these are junk.

Thanks mrcre8tiv. I was about to buy the GE-replacement ones too since the real GE ones are pricy. Appreciate the tip to stay away.

Bought 2 of these for my maytag and neither of them worked. It said right on the filter that it would work with my model maytag and neither did. Didn’t put them on right away so I was past the 21 day return and woot told me too bad. These are junk. Don’t spent the money.

I’m Happy!Thank You!

If you’re having leaking/poor performance issues, make sure to flush the filter. From the vendor:

I bought these filters thinking I was getting a great deal. The water tasted horrible so I replaced it with another Tier one filter. Same thing. Woot would not take them back. I ended up going to Lowe’s and buying the Samsung brand ($40 for one filter–yikes). Water back to normal. Don’t waste your money on these.

Good point. Can someone who had a bad experience share whether or not they flushed their filter first?

edit: A couple of people responded below (thanks!) and said that they did flush, but still had problems. Keeping the wallet holstered on this one.


I bought three of these several months ago from woot. It was a complete waste of money. ALL THREE LEAKED! I will never buy again. I did seat them properly and did the flush. They still leaked.

I bought 3 filters (DA29-00020B Samsung) during the November Woot-off and have been using one since then – works well, no problems.

These may not meet the same standards as the manufacturer’s filters. For instance, Samsung filters are ANSI 42 and 53 certified. Tier 1 is only ANSI 42.


I wasted 50 plus on these in Nov. None worked and despite it saying money back guarantee on the filter cartridge. I never received any communication back from Woot when I complained. Duped and robbed. Beware do not buy!

I purchase 2 thinking they were less than the Samsung filters. First leaked all over the place, the second one tasted like metal and chemicals were in the water. So at the end of the day it cost me about double what just buying the genuine filter costs.
Also I’m still waiting on a response from WOOT on this one, I haven’t heard anything when I asked for a refund.

I flushed my filter per the instructions. Water tasted like metal after and it still leaked. It’s a cheap brand, stick with the OEM filters.

Don’t waste your money on this junk. It’s just an expensive hollow tube.

I flushed them but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was they restricted the water flow to where it barely came out and made the whole refrigerator make a horrible sound like something was going to give at any moment. All the filters I bought did this. Afterward I bought a PUR filter and it work without a hitch.

I bought three of the GE back in July. Only installed one, flushed it as recommended by the manufacturer, and it’s been working great since. Water tastes fine. About time to replace it, will hopefully have the same experience with the other two

And Woot Customer service response:

Thank you for taking the time to email us. We appreciate your concerns as well as your business.

We’re sorry the product you purchased is not working properly. Our return policy is a bit different from most other retailers, and can be found on our FAQ (www.woot.com/faq). Unfortunately, it has been at least 21 Days since you purchased the product. You will need to work with the manufacturer for support.

We look forward to seeing you soon again.

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