Tier 1 Refrigerator Water Filters

Do Not Buy, they don’t work! I got stuck with these last time around!

Agreed…I bought 2 last time around and they are garbage…metallic tasting water. The water tastes better out of the faucet than through these filters.

I’ve used these for a couple years with no problem.

edit/ both whirlpool & maytag

These work great for me I bought 6 last time have used 3 with no problem great price. I use GE replacement. Good deal

anybody buy the LG replacement?

Bought two of these last year and they are GREAT!!! No problems whatsoever and perfect tasting water!!!

I bought these water filters last time they were offered and they do not work. The fitment is not right. Don’t waste your money

I bought 6 of these and was excited to finally have a far less expensive filter for my Samsung refrigerator. It was like drinking straight from the Passaic river! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! This id the first time I’ve been burned by a Woot purchase!! There had to be a first time…

Bought 6 of these for my Kenmore (LG)
Tried 3 of them continued to have terrible chemical taste in the water.

Threw the other 3 away don’t buy them!!!

Can u guys at least post which filter you bought that had the bad taste.

shoopd12 had good experience with the GE filter.

tjsdaddy had a bad experience with the Samsung filter.

papabear1950 had chemical tasting water with the LG filter.

Amazon reviews for the GE filter I intend of buying: http://www.amazon.com/SmartWater-Comparable-Refrigerator-Replacement-RWF1061/dp/B00HT39PVQ/

I bought the GE SmartWater replacement filters last time these came up on Woot! and all I can say is you get what you pay for. These do NOT filter nearly as good as the original filters by GE. Highly disappointed in this buy!

These filters are garbage. They don’t filter at all and they actually make the water taste like asphalt or some other chemical. That Woot! is still selling this crap says a lot about the company. I haven’t bought another item from Woot! since I bought three of the pieces of dung. I’m also not renewing my Amazon Prime membership when it expires since I can get the items that ship with prime cheaper including shipping. Pathetic.

Went back to the “Well” on this WOOT!I tried it, I liked iT, I bought TWO more Tier1 SAMSUNG Filters! Happy with all my WOOT LOOT from DAY ONE! Thanks WOOT!

I also bought one of these hoping that it would be equivalent to the manufacturer’s. After a week, I couldn’t replace it fast enough. Maybe filtering something, but nothing that helped the taste. The “real” one after 6 months had water that tasted better than this one after 1 week.