Tierra y Mar Napa Cabernet Sauvignon (4)

Tierra y Mar Napa Cabernet Sauvignon 4-Pack
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2013 Tierra y Mar Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley
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Opened this tonight with dinner, we were making chicken stew which is an easy Friday night type of recipe for a chilly southern California evening.
This wine was very restrained and actually paired fairly well with the meal.

At 13.2% ABV I was hoping for a more restrained cab and this fit the bill. The wine is a medium depth with a ruby edge and purple core. It is clear and free of any sediment. The nose opened very muted and I struggled to pull any specific aromas out of it but by an hour later I did get a few scents I can describe. Mainly some cassis and rasberry. Maybe a little bit of eucalyptus and as it further opened up in the evening a bit of dusty cherry. The one weird thing that occurred with this wine was one of my initial thoughts was rhubarb, but I had also read the back label earlier in the day which mentions it. But then after I wrote it down in my tasting and was some what baffled since I could not describe that rhubarb scent if my life depended on it and couldn’t remember the last time I had had it. Upon reading the back label again I saw rhubarb mentioned and was totally surprised to see it listed. So I’m not sure if I subconsciously spoiled my notes by reading the back or not. The nose never really got all that expressive and I felt like I really had to dig to get the specifics that I mentioned above on this wine. Maybe its still too young or maybe its just where the wine is right now and I cant expect any more.

On the tongue the wine is dry, medium bodied and has some acidity but does not have that crispness you often find with the more restrained reds. The tannins were medium and soft I would call this wine balanced with maybe needing a little bit more acidity.
Similar notes tot he nose, Rhubarb, cherry and raspberry. The finish is fairly short with a ever so slight bitterness at the very end.

I would peg this as more traditionally styled than your big napa cabs. No detectable oak or alcohol either.
It went well with my meal and I’m sure a nice variety of foods, I felt it was a bit too restrained and almost dare I say bland for sipping after dinner but that may just be my palette.

Not really my cup of tea but not a bad bottle of wine either.