Tiesta Tea Bundle

Tiesta Tea Bundle

How is the mango one tea? It looks like just fruit pieces?
Is there white tea, green tea, black tea in it? Does it have tea leaves in it at all? The Chai tea has black tea in it, but is the other just fruit punch?

I saw Tiesta but read (DJ) Tiësto and thought “Tiësto sells tea… that’s weird”

No caffeine and no actual tea in the Maui Mango from what I can see so I suppose that would be an herbal tea. This looks like a pretty good deal if you like the Mango ‘tea’ ($34 for the 1lb bag on the mothership plus ~$36 for the two canisters and brewer) but I’m not sure that I want to commit to an entire pound of the Mango ‘tea’. I might just go for the ‘TIESTA TEA Ultimate Live Loose Kit | SAMPLER GIFT SET’ on the mothership for $39 which includes 6 different teas (some of which are herbals).

A product without actual tea is NOT tea! Let’s see now $45 for NOT Tea and a plastic pitcher. I can buy lots of mango juice for that coin and drink it out of a plastic cup. And I suspect the mango juice will be much better than that from dehydrated mangos. Anybody wanna bet on this?

This bundle is available on the Tiesta website for 29.00

there’s black teas, green teas, rooibos (spell?), white teas, etc. This is an herbal tea, which doesn’t always have tea leaves, but is still tea.

It’s not a pitcher, it’s a brewer. I have similar ones and I like the way they make tea, this looks similar. You put the tea and hot water in and when done steeping, set it on top of a cup and the tea comes out the bottom, leaving the tea leaves behind. Much better than those little balls with the holes poked in them.

A tea plant is Camellia sinensis. If a mixture doesn’t contain some of it’s leaves, then it’s not tea. The mango stuff might be a herbal mixture, but it’s not “tea”. Like, if you made a drink from pinto beans instead of coffee beans, would you still call that coffee?


its technically called a “tisane” or something, but its still called ‘tea’ even if it isn’t technically a tea.

Just want to be clear here. The Brew Kit is on a special Valentines Day sale price of $29 on Tiesta’s site, but ours also comes with the 16 oz Maui Mango kit which is $40.99 by itself on their website.

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