Tilt Twin Chilling Spheres (2)

Soiree Tilt Twin Beverage Chilling Spheres with Garnishing Sticks – 2 Pack
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Great for knocking your teeth out. And chillin.

Isn’t the problem that it will absorb the odors of whatever else is in your freezer, the same as ice?

Check the link for the Ice vs Whiskey stone vs. Tilt Sphere comparison… the Stainless steel sphere did very well at chilling the drink, and had much less smell than the whiskey stones (which did very poorly).

Wish I’d seen that before I shelled out for some stones from a previous WOOT!!

Not really much of a sale.

Seriously was disappointed with these and would not recommend. Sorry.

Which is why you store the stones in a Ziploc freezer bag in the freezer!




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Happy Halloween everyone!!!

More information would be helpful. Could you add why?

Do not taunt happy fun ball.

I got six (three two packs) on a previous woot and I like them. They definitely cool more than stones.
They’re actually really good at keeping stuff other than drinks cold, like dips that should stay cold.

Have something similar and the problem with this is convection.
The stones/steels are on the bottom, where they make the liquid cool. The cool liquid is denser and stays near the bottom… thus the top of your drink is ever-warm.

Molecules… how do they work?!

The Wine Soiree Tilt designer answered quite a few questions in the previous sale.

Click here to read.

Or clean the freezer if it’s really that nasty.

Seriously, this is a great item. We use them to continue chilling our friends drinks. They look good in any type of glass. We have a dozen, so no need for more. This is a good deal, we paid $25 per when buying the dozen at a restaurant supplier.

We have 12 we paid more for and do the same things. We love them!

When I looked up the study, the steel took the longest to cool the drink down, but did get close to the temp of Ice.

Ice cooled the fastest, but does water down drinks. It also stayed the coolest.

The stones cooled the drink down quickly, but it eventually warmed up. And as noted, they stay at the bottom, so you do still need to swirl.

Exactly!!! I would imagine their ice cubes would have the same problem!!

If I want my whiskey cold, I keep the bottle in the freezer. If I want it the right temperature, I take room-temp whiskey and add 3 cold stones. They don’t make it cold; they make it cool. The stones (and I presume these spheres) look good while dropping the temperature just enough. If you are looking for a way to get a drink cold without diluting it, there are plenty of other, cheaper, options. Bed,Bath and Beyond has plenty in their drinks section.