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Great deal and in for two so the newly employed son does not starve. And his parents either! :slight_smile:

This is very tempting and has 9 ratings with 4.5 stars on Amazon. Might want to jump on this one if you are considering it.

At first glance I thought this was one of the pressure cookers that are all the rage right now, but on closer examination, it’s just a rice cooker/steamer. Since I already have one of those, although a smaller & simpler model, I’ll pass this time.

As the owner of a real InstantPot, I would say get one of those instead of a knockoff.

BTW believe the hype re an InstantPot. And, accept no substitutes.

And yeah, read the fine print, the item here is just a glorified rice cooker.

The buttons on the machine in the video are different from the ones in the pictures. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Could you even cook those cupcakes without the correct buttons?

Is the inside (cooking area) plastic or stainless steel? Also the inside of the lid…Plastic?

How fast do you have to get going before you can go back to the future?

Bought one of these when it was on kickstarter. It does not have a pressure cooker function, but it is an amazing slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer! I haven’t used the yogurt making function though. It is incredibly light, which is the main reason I love it compared to other brands. It’s easy to store and easy for me to put and grab from higher shelves.

Just fyi:


[Mod:Ours are not part of the recall]

88mph of course!

Per the vendor, the power cord has been replaced on the units we are selling. This takes care of the recall issue.

We had one of these and used it all the time, then the recall happened. Still waiting for the replacement. Nice to know they have inventory…

There was a recall on these things back in December. I sent mine in for a replacement. Six months later STILL NO REPLACEMENT. DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS PIECE OF CRAP RICE MAKER! save yourself the headache!

[MOD: Ours have the new cord that resolves the recall issue.]
[mod of the mod] yours may have the new cord, but it speaks volumes to their customer service and brand quality when it takes over 6 months to get a replacement]

Does this appliance hold 20 cups of uncooked rice and the water to cook it as well? That’s Tardis-worthy for something that fits in an 11" cube (if I’m doing the math right)

Per the vendor, this unit is the same as the one in the video except for the now combined start/power button and the addition of a new sauté function. The recipe in the video uses the steam function, which is the same on both versions of the TIM3 MACHIN3.

So yes, you can cook cupcakes.

It has a 20-cup capacity. Doesn’t hold 20 cups of rice and the necessary water.

The cooking pot is aluminum with a Whitford Xylan nonstick coating. The underside of the lid is aluminum. And the steam tray accessory is BPA-free plastic.