Bought this on kickstart a while back. We love it so much. It does way more than just cook rice. Worth every penny.

This is a great rice cooker. Uses fuzzy logic to cook great rice and quinoa every time. At this price there is no better rice cooker.

Are these effected by the recall?

See our post above.

These are not affected by the recall. The cord called out in the recall has been replaced on our units.

I had one of these for several months. Purchased from Costco. It was in that recall- so I returned it and Costco no longer carried it, so I bought a different brand.

Beyond Rice, the Yogurt mode worked well.

Build quality and materials were good. If it weren’t for the recall, I’d still have mine. BTW- reading comments, it appears the Woot offer is not a refurb of the recall units. It is a new, post recall device.

I think the knock offs are probably fine but this isn’t even that.

SO this model has a new Saute button. How come the description or specifications don’t talk about this feature? Did the manufacturer add some functionality to match the button? What?

The cooking pot is aluminum with a Whitford Xylan nonstick coating. I don’t like Aluminum (even coated Al) in my cooking pots. Does the manufacturer say anything about using your own pots as long as they fit inside? Does it need to fit the specific shape of edges etc.? How about say an 8" dia pot with 7" height?

From the features: “Sautés rice for Spanish rice or pilafs prior to cooking, stir fry veggies or even browns meat before slow cooking!”

And we can’t information on using the cooker in ways not intended by the manufacturer.

I agree. I cannot remember buying something to cook with that has been as helpful and habit changing as the Instant Pot. I splurged when it was half off on Black Friday and then had remorse. But that did not last long.

As a former bachelor, I can attest that a rice cooker will pay for itself in short order as you switch from pre-made food.

Try putting in a cup of brown basmati rice, a drained can of salmon, some fresh brocolli or drained canned french cut string beans and let 'er rip.

If you have $40 more to spend, a similar pressure cooker will do more, but a rice cooker will serve you well.

We bought one. So far made corn on the cob and steamed chicken breasts. Both came out excellent.

There was a recall on this item in 2016. Over a year after submitting all requirements for the recall, I am still waiting for the replacement unit or refund. I have contacted them numerous times with the last response from them in February 2017. I believe it only fair to warn consumers about this,

I did not take mine back to COSTCO for the replacement/refund. Over a year later I am still waiting for my replacement from the manufacturer,