Time Sensitive Daily Submission

Just wondering if woot will be printing a daily entry I submitted a few weeks ago… I know Ocho is doing everything and I’m sorry to add to the work load, I’m only asking because the design is time sensitive! TY

I just saw it, thank you! It’s ok to alert me to these things because I am definitely more likely to see them this way until my workload cools off a bit.

Thanks so much! Is it better to private message you or email?

Hi Ochopika,

I’m concerned about another shirt that is Time Sensitive.

It is a Star Wars type tee shirt. The designer was told that it would print on a Monday back on November 2nd. It hasn’t happened yet. I’m bleary right now because I stayed up waiting for it… but it didn’t print again.

With the new Star Wars movie coming out this week, this would be a great time for it to print. Thank you in advance for checking into this.:slight_smile:

I had to keep delaying it to get all the holiday-themed designs out in time. Today is the last holiday design so you can guess when it’s printing based on that info.

Is it my imagination, or can I hear you panting with exhaustion?

Thank you for making time in your busy schedule to check on this and to post, Ochopika. I’m sure the artist will be glad to know, especially since it will be his first print. :slight_smile:

I also (sorry!!) was wondering how best to ask time sensitive questions when your workload is this busy? I emailed with 3 questions and tried to be as short and quick as possible in asking. Anyone else I should be asking if you are busy? :slight_smile:

There is NO ONE ELSE TO ASK yet. That’s the problem here, heh. I will get back to you today on that though.

If it’s general things, the community might be able to help. Or IM me or whatever.

Hate to put any more stress on Och since he is an army of one but wondering how long the wait time is running now for submissions review.

She. :slight_smile:

oops, sorry about that!