Time To Finally Get A Computer



Are you upgrading, sidegrading, or just adding a second/third monitor this holiday?


AOC 22 inch has 5 stars on newegg and 4.5 on amazon

Thinking about biting… good price in the end. Anybody have any experience with it?


Yes, I bought this exact one about 2 weeks ago when it was on sale then. It is very light compared to my Acer monitors and the stand is somewhat flimsy and wobbles when I bump the desk, but I think the picture is very nice and bright. I am glad I pulled the trigger on it so far.


A guide to the Hero line of printers.

The Kodak Hero 7.1 All-in-One Printer is s a step-up version of the 5.1. It offers faster print speeds and a larger 3.5-inch LCD panel. The 7.1 also offers higher 2400 dot-per-inch optical scanning; the ability to copy and scan legal-size documents; and a scan-to-network option.


I would like to get the H8-1445, but the problem is that it comes with regular Windows 8 and I need Pro. Strangely, if it came with Windows 7 Home, I could upgrade it to 8 Pro for $15. To upgrade 8 to Pro costs (as best I can tell) $70! Anyone have any thoughts on how to get around this?


Windows 8? Seriously? I can’t believe people buy that shit.


I also got one a few weeks ago. Same with the other poster, I think its a great monitor for the price. It is a little low but nothing a little stand wouldn’t fix if it does bother you. Great color and I am enjoying it a great deal.


How… Portable are the “all in one” computers? :slight_smile:

Sorry, love the concept of a full keyboard and 1T, can’t BELIEVE I’m even considering hauling one of those around…


hello oldschool speakers! Those Koss faded white speakers look…uhm…



Will those Koss speakers work with my 2X CD-ROM drive and SoundBlaster 16?

Those Koss speakers are straight out of 1993. No, really, I think I had that set or one very close to it in 1993. These even look yellowed enough to be that old.


Oh my word, a Day of the Tentacle reference. You got me – In for three on the speakers.


According to what I read at the bottom of the ‘Specs’ tab, the HP Omni 27-1057C weighs 31.5 lbs, as does the 420-1100t…

So the question is not ‘how portable are they’, the question is: How strong is your back? :wink:

The Lenovo only weighs 23.8 lbs, BTW.