Time to Network

Would love to get range extender, but a lot of bad reviews at Newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833146009

However, the bridge got pretty high marks:


I confess I don’t have the patience to compare seemingly identical listings, so I’ll go ahead and ask: are there really two different WD N750s for sale today, or is that just a double posting? (Same question re: the WD N600s.)

I came here with the same question. What’s up with the double listing?

It does appear to be a dupe. The buyers have been pinged to confirm or deny, though.

UPDATE: Dupe has been removed. Thanks!

My understanding is most range extenders don’t work. I have one that does - TP Link Powerline range extender:

Is this compatible to work with Comcast internet?

… Did you even try googling?
… SIGH … of course all these work on comcast.
The’re dadgum routers and bridges, they work on every ISP.
What they are NOT, however, are cable modems.
So you will need one of those first.
And don’t be dumb and rent the modem from Comcast.
Thats just throwing money down the drain after 6+ months.
Find a $50 Cable modem from anywhere, Amazon, eBay, Newegg.
The only thing it needs to say is “DOCSIS 3 Cable Modem”

Good answer. Could be a tad bit friendlier but the info is correct.

Lies! There are still 2 N750s listed. At least one of the N600s shows as sold out now, so I guess that’s progress =P

Maybe the duplicates snuck back in overnight, when no one was looking?

The N750 is knocked out now too. :slight_smile:


I made that mistake once - with one of the WD pieces of crap!

Trust me DON’T DO IT!!!

There is a reason for the crappy reviews on new egg - WD stopped supporting these 2 years ago - after they gave up on trying to make then functional.

you don’t need a strong signal
you don’t need stay connected for more that 15 minutes at a time.
you don’t mind rebooting it multiple times a week, or unplugging it.
you don’t mind restoring it to factory settings and resetting it up again.

These things are garbage and NOT worth your time - unless you unemployed and have nothing better to do then reconnect all day and when that fails reboot the router.

Maybe you miss working in a call center and want to reminisce - your family will call you constantly to fix these.

Maybe you just sadistic and like to punish you self.

These are not worth you time or money.

Which one of these did you have? In previous discussions here on Woot, people have said the N600 is not good, but have sung the praises of the N750. That’s the one I have, and it’s been fine so far (I’ve had it about 2 years).

Here’s the link to the most recent such discussion.

You are full of it.I got one of the n750`s…works GREAT!