Time to Science!

Yay! Martian reference. Love it.

I LOVE this book!!!

I’m so sad that I can’t order this shirt.

Since the American Apparel tees have been taken away from us, I can’t trust that it will be long enough/not shrink and end up in the charity pile.

Great design, though :frowning:

i want this on an apron for when i make dinner!

The AA option was removed as the whole company as was known is gone. Under the new owners, AA will not remain American made and in the interim, supply was going to be an issue – hence the change to Bella + Canvas as a premium supplier.

Anvil remains as the standard.

My .sig links to the discussion thread regarding the change. In my followup are comparison pics and numbers.

(Summary: B+C is a valid replacement for AA.)

Best line from the movie. Even better than “I admit it’s fatally dangerous, but I’d get to fly around like Iron Man.”

Why is the bag option no longer available?

Probably sold out. I bought 3. [Silently slinks off…]

Ordered and paid for three. Received only one with a statement that this “completes my order.”

Um… No. I’m short two tote bags.

This is why I tend to not order from woot anymore. More problems than it’s worth.

“I am Potato”? So i got my order one, tote bag properly printed, with this info. and a tshirt, (right size and type) but says “I am Potato” Contacted support and they are shipping me a correct tshirt. but this seems too strange for coincidence. even odder since “I am Potato” does not even show as buyable item.