Time to Tea Off!



What’s your favorite tea?


PG Tips. I like to let it get nice and strong. It’s good plain, it’s good with milk, and it’s good with sugar.


does not list how many onces per cup?


from the orange set: “The teapot holds 40oz and the mugs hold 10oz”


Black: Earl Grey

Green: Gunpowder or Jasmine



My favorite is a toss up between earl grey and Irish breakfast.

I know I want one of these sets, I just don’t know which color to get. The white has that “matches anything” factor, but the blue, orange and yellow ones are all such happy colors.


Tea is a happy time. I’d go for colors.


My tea stash is the stuff made of LEGEND, friends. I am very fond of PG tips (it’s a precise little brew!) or most of the greens from here at home, and Choice Organic Northwest Blackberry at work (which I will only drink at work for some reason).


My favorite place to order loose tea is adagio.com I always get super yummy tea and the prices are pretty good.

If I’m in the mood to splurge a bit for a treat, I go for the yunnan golden curls. Pricey, but oh so delicious. I’m sure if you could condense Heaven into a flavor, this would be it.


I vote for colors, too. A word to the wise: I ordered the orange set last woot-off, and it was a little bit more sherbet-y than I was expecting. Not enough to stop my plan to paint it for Halloween, or anything.

Another word to the wise: I just finally took out all the mugs and found that one has a tiny chip in the lip. I hope they have single mugs floating around the warehouse.

That all being said, I’m idly considering buying a yellow and a white set so I can paint them all with candy corn and mix/match.


I have eyed the PG tips both here and abroad, but never taken the plunge. Worthwhile, you say? Will it ruin me for all other black tea?


service@woot.com plus I’d love to see pictures, because Halloween is my favorite holiday ever.


On the kettle:

I fail to see how the pour spout lever fits in the “palm of your hand” - looks like you have to push the lever down manually before the pour.

Also, amazon has for $43.95 with free shipping. Not a great deal. Many other colors available as well. Maybe you could match your spooky plates.


First time I laid eyes on the Breville tea maker ( http://tinyurl.com/9hqfncj ) and especially the price ($250), I thought: “someday that’s gonna be on woot for less than a Benjamin.”

I thought today might be the day, but…


Tea is just as stainy on your teeth as coffee, for whatever it’s worth. The Britons didn’t get that way by themselves (ZING!). But really, it’s true.


I like the clear colander(?) in the photo, but don’t notice it for sale in the deals. Is it a tease?


I think it is just a tease, I thought it was interesting as well.

Does anyone know of good online sites to buy tea that are cheaper than teavana? I know of adagio, which has yet to send me any free samples when i sign up for them every time deals woot posts about it. One with good lease leaf teas would be best! cheers!

Also, when are we getting a tea woot? i’m dying for one and not only selling kettles and decanters and such, but the tea leaves themselves too! yum!


Just a warning that teavana tends to overcharge like crazy for even the most basic teas. Cross reference against adagio or, if you can get past the hideous design, Upton Tea imports.


I’m an Adagio tea buyer as well. Teavana always seems really overpriced to me, and when I go in their stores (not often, they’re not close by), they’re really pushy.
I’m a basic English or Irish breakfast drinker, typically. I also love a good chai now and again, and I’m starting to appreciate some oolongs. I love Adagio’s sampler packages to introduce me to new teas.