Timex CD Clock Stereo with Nature Sounds



Timex CD Clock Stereo with Nature Sounds
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1 Timex CD Clock Stereo with Nature Sounds


Regardless of which Woot Off Tracker you choose, please use a Woot Off Tracker during this Woot Off. It will make the entire site load faster and you’ll have a much better chance of not seeing those cursed Server Busy errors when a beloved BOC appears.

As you probably know, Wootaholics has been the most popular Woot Off Tracker through four Woot Offs and now we’re up and running for yet another. Remember you can always use Wootaholics.com for all your Woot Off tracking needs.

Because of the popularity of Wootaholics.com and the extreme load we experience at times, and in an effort to ensure stable Woot Off Tracking even during times of extreme load, you can always make use of the old MOVV Woot Off tracker which is now back on the Woot Off schedule of updates every 15 seconds.

I’m also beta testing sgartner’s new AJAX script. Please keep in mind that this is a beta test so there may be a few kinks. You’ll find the beta version (re-styled) at wootaholics.com/sgartner

So just to recap…
Wootaholics.com - The Original
Movv.com - The Old School <-- Use this one if Wootaholics times out
Wootaholics.com w/ AJAX - The Extra Crispy


Have fun and HAPPY WOOT OFF! WOOT!




What the hell am I supposed to do with this?!




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Third post, pwn’t




Ugh no BOC.






how did the last one end so quick?




come on BOC :slight_smile:




these all still bite


That’s a little better!


Nice…but no.


next please