Timex Global Trainer GPS Watches

Like “steamed hams”?

Have these popped up before? Seem pretty sweet…

Careful buying Timex “unique” watches. My last (and only) Timex came with a unique band that became discontinued and unavailable from any source rendering the watch a paperweight.

I have no experience with this watch. I did have a Timex Marathon GPS. It performed poorly at best. At worst, it would restart and loose all information on a run. I sent it in for repairs (paying to send it in and sending additional money for Timex to send it back!) Three miles into the first run upon receiving a refurbed unit, the display froze. At four miles the display went to the startup screen and there was no information about the run to that point. When I finished my run, I contacted Timex and asked for a refund. To their credit, they refunded the purchase price and the cost of returning it to them and the extra I paid to have them ship me a defective unit. To be fair, they did stand behind the product to the extent that I was not out of pocket when I returned it.

I have trained for triathlons with this watch for several years and have really liked it, particularly at the price. I paid a similar price, but got a really great deal on it then, as well. More recently, it has started to occasionally have some trouble finding the satellites for a while, but that is not too frequent, and if I turn it on well in advance of a race or training session, there’s no real problem. It should also be compatible with other ANT+ equipped devices, such as non-Timex branded heartrate straps, cadence meters, etc., but I have not tried that myself. In my own opinion, this is a very good triathlon watch at a great price. Considering going in for another simply because my current watch is aging.

Here’s a thorough review from 2010 when the watch was released. Timex Ironman GPS Global Trainer In Depth Review | DC Rainmaker

I have one of these - got it from a site where the watch and HRM band were inexplicably selling for $100. It’s a decent unit, and with all firmware updated to the latest, acquires GPS pretty quick and is accurate, with useful functions. So far works fine with any ANT+ peripheral - like my Garmin GSC10 cadence/speed sensor on my bikes.

The only thing I don’t like is that it has no vibration alert so I’ll sometimes miss a mile/pace notification. Last year I picked up a Garmin 910xt, but the Timex remains my backup and it’s still very useful.

Does it navigate me thru the street, sidewalk, backyard, or over the water, given this gps is for people on foot.

Beware. These are called Ironman watches, but the battery would never last you through one (not even if you’re the world champ). Bought mine at IM Wisconsin. The GPS is fine, some specs missing (especially average MPH). HATE the battery life. Doesn’t come with a wall charger (just a USB).