Timex iControl Ironman Watch with iPod Control

These we’re on ebays daily deal for the same price yesterday

I think there is a secret code in the dates. SU SU WE. But what does it mean?

When you need to pause your iPod, it’s SO much easier to press the button on your watch.

It just occurred to me that the unemployment rate is likely to rise as a direct result of this woot-off.

The watch actually works… I was surprised to witness such a thing.

that was my thought.


Good. This means I have to move even less, I can just control my ipod with my watch. I’ll be down to only 300 calories expended per day with this.


Don’t “watch” me now…

If only this worked with my Nike+. I could use a watch to control it.

Hey WOOT?! Any chance of having Nike+ watch/control? I already have the kit, but no wrist control!!

Is there a heart monitor available for this watch too?

Man i gotta get an ipod.

I have the question every wooter wants answered: Does this work with a sansa?

Where’s all the Sansa remarks??

List from last post… feel free to add on

a) Ask if it’s mac compatible
b) Say they don’t want it
c) Ask where the Boggy Old Creature is
d) Say it’s a wootoff killer
e) Tell us they are going to lunch
f) Tell us they want a Boggy Old Creature
G) Ask if it will work with the iPhone 3GS
H) Complain about the price not being discounted enough
I) Ask where the Boggy Old Creature is (again again)
j) Say it’s the worst woot off ever!
K) Complain about the battery life.
L) talk about how this should be on kids.woot.com
M)Tell people they’re “in for 3” in hopes of encouraging others to “purchase” some as well.
N) Linking to a “cheaper” site with “the same” product, just much older/of lower quality.
O) State how they would buy XX item if it were up for sale again
P) Complain

I left this post earlier but don’t think anyone replied. What exactly comes in a BOC?

I bought one of these for the wife last time. Was going to be for Christmas, but decided to give it to her early. She loves the fact that she has control on her wrist and does not have to reach around her arm to monkey with the iPod. Thanks woot!

what Iron man wouldn’t want an orange watch?

site for info on the watch