Timex iControl Ironman Watch with iPod Control

so is the next item for sale an ipod?!?!?!


Nice watch for the price, if you got the ipod why would you not go for this one. Pitty they dont make remote watches for Sansas

ALL the colors are gone except for Orange… That took about 30 seconds.

Common folks, orange is the hottest color… BUY 3!!!

woot needs ipod control

Got this on the sellout.woot, it’s pretty cool for what it does, and nice watch even if you don’t use the ipod functions.


Got one of these a couple of wootoffs ago, works great with my 2G ipod nano!


Damnit. I wanted that duffle bag

So is this considered the same Woot Off, or a different one?

I tell you, I love my analog watches!

I would have bought the black/silver but it is sold out.

seriously. none of them read 4:20

woot offfff yayers
these look dandy but i wouldn’t pay 20 bucks

looks like they have alot of these

we’re bros again woot.

Strange…woot off ended yesterday, now another!?

they had to let the servers cool off :-p

Wow. Only orange is left.

I want a Stauer Dashtronic watch.

I got one of these and it works great. Radio signal so it will go through a wall. All my friends are impressed and for $25.00 it would be great even if it didn’t control iPod