TIMEX Iron(wo)man Watches

Had one of these about four years ago; useful for what it is. Tracking splits and what not. On the cheaper end of training tools, once I got more into training I wanted a heart rate monitor and then gps on my watch. But if all you want is tracking splits (or just to have a sporty looking watch) it’s a great tool.

Garbage. The tap is too sensitive and it starts and stops the timer or chrono and even the interval timer which was the main reason I bought one. The worst part is it can’t be disabled. Swimmi ng with it is out of the question every time your hand hits the water it also activates the tap function. The battery even ran down after only few months and I haven’t even bothered to replace it.

Great! I needed a new training watch. From what I read it seems like the best part for me is the interval setting/alarm combo. It has 3 different interval categories (that you can assign real names to) with 16 unique intervals inside. You can choose which intervals you want to have alarms on, so I can have one interval set for training at the gym and another interval set for meals.

@Bolts: You might have the TAP sensor set too high.The TAP sensitivity can be adjusted to (LITE, MED, HARD). Here is a link to the instructions: Timex | Page Not Found

That wasn’t my experience at all. YMMV, I guess.

I believe that timex watch is a 150-lap watch, not 15-lap. You should probably change that.
Please correct me if I am wrong.

Oooh, good catch. I’ll ask for a fix on that. Thank you!

On the Timex web site the reviews were bad for similar watches due to the band being cheap and breaking which cannot be replaced and is not covered by the warranty. This watch is just what I’ve been looking for, useful yet sleek as I have a small wrist. Anybody know anything about the quality of the band

I don’t have this particular model, but I do have 2 or 3 Timex Ironman watches. I keep picking them up for cheap ($12-20) at my local REI when they have a garage sale. They usually come with broken bands or missing keepers (that little thing that holds the tail of the band against the rest of the band). I fixed one of them with a nylon zip tie that I melted / welded so it would not tighten up. Timex will replace the band for about $10, but you need to send it in to them. I have found that Sears watch repair usually has the little self addressed Timex box that you use for this process.

Having said all that, I wear mine all the time except in the shower. Swimming, sleeping, doing construction, working out, I’m wearing it. I have not broken any of the bands. I did scratch the face of the one I’m wearing now, I think I sat / fell on my wrist on the roof, with the watch resting / hitting the shingles. Still works, just 2 visible scratches and it fogs up if I swim with this one now.

I love the interval timer function - it really helps me not burn the food on the grill - set it for 3-5 mins, every time the beeper goes of - I go flip.

I actually thought about clicking the big button, but if I come home with another iron man, my wife may put me in an iron maiden.


I agree. Worst watch I’ve ever had for track. Either the tap is too sensitive and a shake of the arm stops or starts the timer, which is not handy at all for splits, or you adjust the sensitivity lower and then you need a hammer for it to work. Stick with buttons.

In for six. I coach track and it’s really annoying when none of the distance runners own a watch. It usually only takes them about 200m running with a smartphone in hand before they realize it’s a bad idea. I’ve loved my ironman watches in the past, hopefully these will do the job.