Timex Ironman Watches



As a proud owner of 4 Timex Ironman watches I wouldn’t buy one of these. Mostly because I got so used to the two face button design I have a really hard time to adjusting to a single button.

If this isn’t an issue for you then I’d heartily recommend them. Tough as nails from a quality watch company. It’s a work and every day watch, not an office or formal thing, and for that they’re perfectly suited.

My every day wear is a T66801. I’ve also got two metal case 20th anniversary (1998, not 2006) models and a run of the mill two button jobber from about 2002.

edit: Correction, 5 Ironmans. Forgot about my 100lap solar shock. Now that is a watch I could do without, so freaking big… and yet I love it anyway. I have a problem. Help me.


I have to agree about the durability. I worked as a vet tech for several years, and I always got ironman watches. Those babies got put through all sorts of abuse, and always lasted quite a while for such an inexpensive watch.


can you swim with it competitively?
the water resistant is it to wash hands, or good enough to go swimming anywhere, pool, beach, river, streams and places like that?


100m water resistance should be fine for competitive swimming, yes, but why would you? Pools have lap clocks and if you’re doing open water swims wouldn’t you be more interested in their waterproof GPS watch?


Is there any difference between the T5K172 and T5K169 watch models besides color?


Has anyone used one of these with the dark face scuba diving? I usually wear cheaper digital watches when I go, and I’m kinda curious how these would show up underwater and on the surface.


What does ‘Reverse Dig’ mean? Also, can someone please provide some clarity on what the differences between models are? The two men’s watches with orange look identical. AND the display colors are different in the discussion picture! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!


That means the the digits are represented in reversed coloring. Normally the digits are dark and the background is light. On these watches the digits are light and the backgrounds are dark.


Hi, while I could do the research myself, much more fun to crowd-woot. My question for the hour shall be put in context.

I swim, rather crappily. I don’t even know how to flip turn. I would like to keep track of my laps though for motivational purposes. How would I do that with this watch. I mean specifically. Do I just push the yellow button as I’m fumbling through my turn. Or is just some kind of Elvis Costello mystery telekinesis dance thing?

Thank you all for the love.


You would start the timer and mark all your laps by the big center button.

I’ve had my Timex for over four years now and it’s not bothered by any water, really. I’ll wear it in the shower if it’s really dirty, and it’s surviving 5-10 miles a week in the pool. I’ve never done open water swimming to give any advice there.

However, these Timex watches only mark 10 laps, and mine marks 30. In my pool, 32 laps = 1 mile, so these wouldn’t be that effective for marking many laps. Even with mine, I mark laps at every 200 or 400 meters. Just a thought if you need a lot of laps.


I tried to answer your question in my post above, but I remembered I have been to the beach twice in the last four years, and still no problems from the salt water. You should be fine. I really do wear it everywhere.


I thought most “non-dive” watches say not to press the buttons when you’re underwater??

I doubt it would matter on the surface, but water might get in if you’re down many meters???


Are these all “reverse dig”? Are they pictured as they normally appear or are they in “INDIGLO” mode in the items’ photos?


Best review out there in my opinion.


I have been looking at these watches for a while now and I may just pull the trigger now that it’s at such a good price.


A bit late on the go, but thought I’d weigh in, in-case you were still flip-flopping.
My mom bought me the standard women’s issue gray and pink of these back when I was swimming competitively (I think I was around 9 or 10). The watch band lasted through the end of highschool, when I was both swimming and surfing. The band eventually cracked off. The watch still works (20+ yrs later).
When I went to buy a sailing watch for my mom this last Christmas, I bought her the 30 lap version of these… In the standard issue women’s colors. :slight_smile: She loves it for racing her sailboat: the numbers are clear, the alarm loud enough, and the watch small enough as to not get caught on things.
For the person that asked about watching the clock: Yes, there is usually a swim clock at the pool, but if the eyesight is not so great, and the goggles aren’t rx (I prefer not to have rx, as I go through goggles quickly)… It can take a bit to adjust to see the clock. That bit interferes with the precision. Also, the watches have memories (don’t remember if this one does… lol) that keep track of multiple attempts.
As far as ocean swimming: you should never have to rely on GPS. It might be a good backup, but if you’re going to be swimming in the ocean, you need to learn to read the landmarks, as well as the sky.


Holy moley! They still make these? I’m pretty sure this is almost exactly the same watch that I bought over 20 years ago. I guess when you do something right, you just keep doing it. :slight_smile:


Do these have an alarm feature? My Timex has chrono (stopwatch), timer, and alarm, and I use all three. I just want to be certain since I have seen a Timex Iron man without the alarm feature in stores.


Do you know how to click on the “features” link?

2-mode countdown timer
2 interval alarms (day, weekday, weekend) with 5-minute memory


Got mine yesterday and have ran some miles with it. I love it. Timex is a solid brand, and this Ironman model is nice and lightweight. Everything on it performs as described: Indiglo lights it up, it tracks/splits laps while in Chrono mode, has a timer and an alarm. I can’t really talk about the water stuff, as I’m just a runner, but it sounds like there are others on here with good info about that.
And my wife was totally jealous of mine, so I just ordered one for her as well.