Timex Ironmans for All (or Most)

Woot you’re starting to creep me out. I was just thinking about looking for this specific watch. I’ve used a women’s ironman for years and I love the alarms and timer. I’m currently using the timer on mine as a potty training reminder for my son since the “potty watch” died very quickly. I was going to check how much it would be to get a watch like mine for him, I sit down at my computer and woot has it sitting there for me.

Ummmm this Ladies Iron watch you have pictured doesn’t look black & purple to me. Looks a like more like brick & pink. Just saying…

Does anyone know if the Ladies Ironman watch have an interval timer? Usually that style does, but sometimes it doesn’t. That is the feature that I need the most.

The only one that appears to have the interval timer feature is the Men’s Timex T5K288.

The others appear to have a countdown timer with a repeat and stop feature (you would just manually reset each interval?).

I hope this information is helpful.

I was wondering the same thing. I googled the model number. According to the Ironman website, it DOES. I went ahead and ordered it. I figure I will just turn around and sell it if it doesn’t actually have an interval timer. It is too good of a deal to pass up.


I noticed that too. I think they accidentally posted the description of a completely different watch. If you google the model number, the actual watch has my additional features that are not listed.