Timex Men's Ironman 50-Lap Full-Size Resin Strap Watch

Timex Men’s Ironman 50-Lap Full-Size Resin Strap Watch
Price: $21.99
Condition: New

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**Item: **Timex Men’s Ironman 50-Lap Full-Size Resin Strap Watch
Price: $21.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Let’s learn what it means to be water resistant and let’s learn more about the warranty

Maybe if the selling price were the shipped price. Molded straps are just horrible. All you have to do is catch the watch on something once and have it tear away. Get out the crazy glue at that point. Not covered under warranty. Haven’t had a molded strap watch that has lasted more than a year between Timex and Suunto. Don’t even think this one has an interval timer. The Flix T5E models are the way to go. Replaceable band and interval timer along with a nice sized display. First Iron Man I’ve had in a while that is ready for it’s second battery. Then again, I still have my original one I got at boot camp 20 years ago. Alarm doesn’t work, and the back light is rubbish, but it still takes a licking and keeps on ticking on my wrist while I get the battery replaced on my Flix.

What’s worse than a cheap Timex? A Timex that LOOKS cheap!


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I had a similar molded-strap timex watch and it didn’t even last a year either. I still keep the face around to use for intervals while working out, but I just can’t wear it as a watch anymore. It’s disappointing that they design bands like this!

I like resin bands. I’ve worn the ladies version of this watch for at least 15 years. The one I’m currently wearing is the third one. I’ve replaced them because they tend to loose water resistance when you change the battery. Yes, the bands only last a couple of years but I’m allergic to metal and my hands/forearms are wet off and on all day so leather is just nasty feeling when it is wet that often. Resin bands work great, they break you replace them. Not exactly rocket science.

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Someone early this morning posted a comment wondering why two bots were providing similar/same info. One of those two replied that he didn’t know why the other one had started posting because he has been doing it for months! I asked if this was a competitive thing or a helpful thing and added everyone loves a helpful person. Someone then commented that she (erroneously) thought the person’s question about two bots posting referred to someone who accidentally posted the same thing twice. Another person answered her and said there were actually two people putting out the same info at the head of the post and not someone accidentally posting the same thing twice.

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I’ve been a Woot member for a relatively short period, compared to many, but have enjoyed the many items I’ve purchased and the deals I’ve received on those items, but many sites provide deals & savings. What has set Woot apart, for me, has been the feeling of involvement through the ability to post and share with others. That’s unique, but during that time I’ll bet 25-30% of comments are “off topic”, being it someone making a joke, witticism, comments about other comments, etc. yet they have not been censored. I relish looking at your site everyday but at the moment I’m starting to get a sour taste if posts will be deleted that don’t break your posting rules, etiquette or what has been acceptable convention, at least until now! If you feel the need to delete this post I certainly understand you need to do what you think best. Of course, I hope you won’t because I’d like to continue patronizing your site! Oh, and thanks for that last bit of sarcasm. I was respectful to you and appreciate that in the future, if there is one, you could do the same.

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