Timex Men's Watch

Hahahaaaaaaa…I LOVE watches!!!

Does anyone really have a use for a second-hand tachymeter? You’re measuring revolutions/cycles per hour with that…so beyond verifying your car’s speedometer what possible use is it?

The watch weighs a friggen POUND?! Either that or someone forgot to put a decimal in the right place. 1.6 ounces I could believe. :wink:

Ha! Good catch. I’ll send it in for fixin’ in the morning.

it will still come in a box that fits a toaster. + good ol texas air… or whatever air is packed now

Why are they so damn thick? I’m waitin’ for a Skagen…

perhaps these are presented in Sport for a different reason… at 1 lb apiece, these monsters will give you quite the workout. O, a pound doesn’t seem like much now, but try taping a brick of butter to your arm and see how happy you are after a few hours.
I thought not. and the butter melts, dripping down into your pants - or wherever you put your hands, and over time (see? there it is again), become lighter…but these watches won’t melt, nossir, not unless they were designed by Salvador Allende (haha, thought you knew what was coming, but no, I never met a 4 I couldn’t confuse).
hey wootland…didja miss me? well, I’m back!

(or perhaps that 16 oz weight is just the package… hey, I’m not the one on the hook here…)

That watch reads 10 o’clock which means time for bed.

Night all.

and let it be known I spotted the weight issue before any other posters… I just chose to be more entertaining about it…

Sadly, if anyone else is wondering, the bezel on the T2N697 does not rotate according to the Timex website :frowning: I find that a very useful feature on other watches I own. It is still a nice looking watch

These all have the indiglo light, correct? I need a new watch since the Swiss Army POS given to me as a gift would cost more to repair than is useful. Having had a timex with indiglo when they first came out, I find the light available on the classic analog a nice bonus. Only the Weekender actually mentions the indiglo but from looking at the images and looking up the models it looks like they all have it.

Who wears a watch anymore?

Indiglo is labeled on all of their faces; if that’s what you’re inferring from, I’d think so as well, else the products pictured are not the ones for sale.

People who find it uncivilised to casually flip open a cell-phone, like some spoiled brat masticating a wad of chewing-gum. A gentleman or lady discretely observes the wrist, and more formally produces a pocket-watch, with equal discretion.

Yep, they all have it. It’s mentioned in all but the Army Green. Looks like it was accidentally omitted from the features on that one. I’ve sent it in for updating.

Thank you! I’m glad some of us still have a bit of class

From looking at the pictures I thought there were 8 models, half of them with strange green faces. But the model numbers for the black faces and green faces were the same.

I was sorta confused there for a minute. Or two. Or maybe three … I’m not sure because I’m not wearing a watch.

Whoaaa! I could seriously buy a watch … right here, right now!!!

“Who wears a watch anymore?”
B I N G O ! You had to know that there would be someone who would pull their hand out of their gym shorts just long enough to type this question!