Timex T58501 Ironman Triathlon Speed + Distance GPS Watch



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Timex T58501 Ironman Triathlon Speed + Distance GPS Watch
$79.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Timex T58501 Ironman Triathlon Speed + Distance GPS Watch


Timex with GPS in case you get lost running…C’mon


What about water resistance?


Doesn’t look worth the price>>>


Before anyone asks, Yes, it will work in Europe!

I lyed, I have no idea.


woot woot… now i just have to start running…lol


I bit too much for a watch in my opinion. Had one and it works like advertised though


I do not have the time for this woot…I already have a few watches I do not wear…but it looks like a pretty good woot to me…


hoohah a carappy gpswatch. i will stick to my suunto


Pretty nice. I’d like to try a triathlon some day.

I’d splurge if it were $20.


arrrggghhh…bought one of these last week. great timing woot



can you upload the GPS information to your computer? That’s a key selling point for me - and if it doesn’t have it… well… all the other wooters will have to gobble these up.


Seems that the lowest froogle price for just the watch is 130:


So, it seems like a good w00t to me… but not one that i’d buy.

3rd edit:

Amazon link. 169.99

Still looking for if this thing is computer compatible.


guesss ill get the second froogle linl in


ok, it tracks your speed, that’s nice, just no $84.99 nice.


Hey, it lets you know how long you’ve been lost and how far you are from home.


Not bad at all :slight_smile: Its about half the price off of froogle ($120ish from some small name e-stores)


This GPS watch would GREAT on the Treadmill - provided you have a clear view of the sky via a skylight or something :wink: