Timex Watches

My watch is a Timex Flyback Chronograph. Great watch. Not sure that these ones are quite as good, but but they are probably alright. The the one with the flyback day of the week is pretty cool.

Finally, a brand that is unashamed to be cheap!

I find that Timex wristwatches are the best I’ve had.this is a great watch at a great deal.

I just purchased one of these through Woot and it seems like a nice watch. Solid and good quality. But mine won’t start despite following the directions to remove the guard from the crown and press the crown in. Anyone have one of these and can tell me what I’m missing?

(I’ve also follow the instructions to set the date and time as well as pulled the crown out and pushed it back in several times trying to get the watch to start, but no luck.)

I’m sorry for the issues you’re having with the watch, if you haven’t already you may want to contact Timex (here), they should be able to help troubleshoot and/or repair/replace since your warranty is through them.

Same here. I was assuming it just needed a new battery. Of course the manual says the battery type is on a sticker on the back of the watch, but mine doesn’t have the sticker. Will need to pry it open to find out.

mine won’t start either

Also can’t get mine to start. Seems a little ridiculous that this many would have dead batteries. Plus I already paid to have links taken out.

Mine didn’t start either, and it was indeed because of a dead battery. I took it to the local walmart to get the battery replaced but after opening it the back couldn’t be closed. Now I have to take it to an actual shop :.

I called timex support as soon as they opened this morning. $10 to replace a battery.

How the heck were all these watches sold with a dead battery?!

Still no reply to a support request put in days ago. Actually, I don’t even get confirmations now. What the hell happened to Woot customer service? I’m about finished buying on Woot.

I’ll check in with CS on your case in my report this afternoon. You should hear back by morning.

Mine doesn’t start as well!
And there are some signs on the bracelet that shows it might be a used watch.
Does anyone doubt it a used one as well???

Hmm. I wonder if it’s just a dead battery? Either way, please use the ‘support’ link at the top of any woot page to send CS a message. Don’t forget to include your order details along with your situation. Sorry for the trouble!

Good morning!Two more watches were not yet delivered to my order dated august 8,2014 with order number49842140.Description of timex watch is Timex T2N633 unisex weekender watch,brown woven leather.Thank you.