Timex Weekender - Your Choice

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**Item: **Timex Weekender - Your Choice
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I got the white one with red band for $30 on amazon a while ago. These are great watches. I get complimented about it all the time. Great for most events and unassuming so I wear it every day. Although it doesn’t have a date or stopwatch feature which would be nice. NATO strap is easy to change if needed. One complaint is that the ticking is very loud. With no ambient noise I can hear it clearly. Beware if you need absolute silence.

A “Tacky-Meter”???

…sounds about right.

I buy these for the face, not the band. It’s so easy to find great bands, and at this price I have no issue throwing the Timex one out.

My favorite is the Horween Chromexcel one here: FFF Button-Stud Watchband (Adjustable) – Form Function Form $48 and great leather. You can get shell cordovan, too.

Here’s a $140 Chromexcel one, if you’re into that kind of thing for a $15 watch: Military Leather Watch Strap - Brown Chromexcel (Matte Buckle) - DaLuca Straps

Here is a really cool Kangaroo leather watch pad: http://www.natostrap.com/Home/Custom_Straps/Custom_Straps.html

And here are a bunch of simple NATO straps for $3 apiece: http://www.dhgate.com/product/dhgate/164744387.html?utm_source=pla&utm_medium=GMC&utm_campaign=tianrong291&utm_term=164744387&f=bm|164744387|101003-WatchAccessories|GMC|Adwords|pla|tianrong291|US|101003001-WatchBands|c|OSLNBL|&gclid=CPe2iaPDuLkCFY9eQgodrAkAIw

Good reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at amazon

My wrist diameter is 8.5 inches will any of these fit?

You know these are genuine, nobody counterfeits a Timex.

Thanks for the post! Do you know how wide the lugs are? 20mm?

Alas, a watch that reminds me of my youth.

These watches shout " W A T C H E S!!" and remind me of the watch i was gifted by my parents in elementary school.

Well… Let’s see, You can actually read the time on these watches without squinting for 10 minutes trying to decipher a confusing mass of colored shapes, they are also shaped to fit your wrist conformability and have a low profile …Unlike all the other popular watches sold here that are the size of a dinner plate and weigh as much as a bowling ball……, lastly, the price is very reasonable… "Now, if I apply the logic used so far by the “WATCH GROUPIES” …… No one buy these …… LOL

Yes they are 20 mm. Also lugs are spring loaded so it should accept a variety of bands.

Noisy is a deal-breaker for me. Thanks for the review; I was leaning toward getting one, but now I know I’d be disappointed.

Here’s from the specs (and you mean circumference, not diameter):

Colors: Model #: Case Diameter: Case Thickness: Band Material: Band Length: Band Thickness:
Black / Red T2N642 32 mm 9 mm Red leather Up to 7.5 inches 16 mm
Black / Black T2N630 36 mm 10 mm Black nylon Up to 8.5 inches 18 mm
White / Black T2N638 39 mm 10 mm Black leather Up to 8.5 inches 18 mm
Black / Brown T2N636 39 mm 10 mm Brown calf skin Up to 8.5 inches 18 mm
White / Purple T2N648 38 mm 10 mm Purple nylon Up to 7.5 inches 20 mm
Black / Black T2N639 39 mm 10 mm Black leather Up to 8.5 inches 18 mm
White / Brown T2N640 32 mm 9 mm Brown calf skin Up to 7.5 inches 16 mm

so it looks like at least the larger ones should surely fit.

Yeah it is surprisingly noisy. I usually stick it in a drawer at night. I usually have headphones on during the day so I don’t notice as much.

I have a Timex Expedition I got about a month ago from Wally World, and if this thing is even half as loud as the Expedition is, I’d still be annoyed.

To sleep at night, I have to put my expedition across the room wrapped in a small blanket or under a pillow to drown it out…

What bothers me the most is the fact that I can have it on my wrist, arm/wrist under the pillow, blanket on top of pillow, head laying on blanket, and still hear the watch through it.

Yup. Timex’ whole “takes a lickin’, keeps on tickin’” slogan means that most of their watches are loud. In HS I would have to put it in the drawer.

Now? As an adult I have way more watches, but I wouldn’t think of sleeping in anything other than a digital watch. The band is more comfortable to roll around in and takes less wear-and-tear (and gives less to your bedding), the lights are usually better, and in general it’s easier to read them when you half wake up and want to see how much longer you have to sleep.

This is a daytime watch for me, not a nighttime one. And they’re easily the most popular Timex out there. Nordstrom sells a variation, J.Crew sells a variation, Banana Republic sells bands, etc.

“THANK YOU” … for this great information with “LINKS” …

Any way to ship one to Australia I really want to buy one!