Timex Weekender - Your Choice

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Timex Weekender - Your Choice
Price: $14.99 - 16.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Jan 15 to Monday, Jan 20) + transit
Condition: New


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9/7/2013 - $14.99 - 58 comment(s)

I have a friend who owns the white on purple watch. Although it is a man’s watch she thought she would give it a try but it turned out to be just too big for her. I tried it on, and I felt it was a little big on my manly wrist as well.


Easy-to-earn Quality Posts here, wooters!

Handsome watch, cheap and simple. The straps can easily be swapped for more colorful ones, or toned down for a more refined look. It’s definitely a good deal. In for one.

Per the Timex site the watches cost are $45.00 retail.

When I think of the Timex Weekender I see the beauty & simplicity of the plain rolled/rounded housing, it’s like the Weekenders trademark. Only a few of these watches have that case, including the last two watches with the stainless steel bands. And, personally, the Weekender that always comes to my mind has the cream face w/black hands. So I’m in for the cream and stn stl and will buy a different band like an olive or brown nylon. The same watch that’s in ‘lichme’s’ video above. Then I’ll have the quinticential Weekender of my youth and hope it “keeps on tickin”! Ah, I can hear John Cameron Swayze now!

Edit: Just realized most Wooters probably won’t know who that is…showin my age!

When I saw that Timex still sold watches with the woven leather band, I had to rub my eyes. I got one of those for Christmas when I was 12 or 13… which was a very long time ago. It held up quite well, considering it was worn by a teenage boy. A couple of the leather strands broke after about a year, but bands are cheap to replace. In fairness, I never took the damn thing off, even in the shower, so that was kind of expected.

I’m getting tired of wearing my “dressy” Citizen all the time, so I’ve been in the market for a nice, simple casual watch. In for one.

any idea if the stainless steel bands are the expansion type?

I love Timex watches. I take mine off only when showering, and they last for years and years. For a back up, I bought one the last time Woot had them on sale, just like the one I have on. It was less than half what I paid for mine. Thanks, WOOT!

I bought one of these last time around…good watch, even better price

lots of 20mm nato bands to buy for them. I’m fond of the tactical grade olive green

Bought one on Woot a while ago (the “olive” band one) and I absolutely love it. Very comfortable, keeps perfect time, and it looks great too!

For some reason me likes the Olive one!

Popeye Tsm

I’ve worn timex watches all my life. Great deal for an everyday watch. For this price one could go in for three with the idea of mixing bands to create multiple looks or set aside for future gift watches.

Got 2 last time they were on Woot, both men’s with the date window. Very happy with them, have not noticed the ticking to be overly loud as noted by some others in the previous Woot.

I came here just to post about the ticking. I’ve had a couple of Timex watches and I always find the movement to be overly loud. The last one I got was a gift, so I couldn’t return it. I tried wearing it for a few days, but everytime I was working on my computer, the clicking of the second hand was driving me crazy, and that was over the sound of me typing on the keyboard.

I tried taking off the watch and putting in a desk drawer while I worked, but I could still hear it! Right now, in some landfill, I’m sure that Timex watch is still clicking away and it probably will be for the rest of time.

The one you want is the plain style with the interchangeable NATO band. Not the steel band and not the diver watch style. The plain one with the canvas band is the classic Timex Weekender that you can wear to the beach or around a bunch of rich folks. Which I am not, by the way. Anyway I have two, one is white face, silver case, red/blue striped band; the other is cream color face, silver case, blue/gray striped band. I love both of them. And the ticking isn’t that loud. A little louder than most watches. You soon get used to it.
At this price I would buy the plain white/silver/purple one (T2N648) and buy some other bands to use with it. About the size, 38mm X 10mm is small for a man’s watch. Most sellers would classify these as “mid size” meaning large for a woman and small for a man.

Jumping on the bandwagon, I’ve got one of the changeable nylon band types and its my go to watch. Looks classy and is super easy to read. I’m a man with skinny arms and it doesn’t look too big at all, partly because its not a thick watch at all. As for the ticking, its not a problem for me. I kinda like it, actually.

Looks like the last two (the t2n655 and 656) have the same band width and mountings as the cream and purple above, just with a metal band. Can any one confirm if the band is interchangeable to accept NATO bands?